June 21, 2024

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Sony CinemaCon 2023 Kicks Off With 'Bad Boys 4' And 'Dumb Money' - Deadline

Sony CinemaCon 2023 Kicks Off With ‘Bad Boys 4’ And ‘Dumb Money’ – Deadline

Refresh for updates….Sony kicked off the first night of CinemaCon with a tape message from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from the set bad boys 4.

Smith smiled, “What’s up with CinemaCon? We’re glad we weren’t there, because we’re here and they’re paying us to be here!”

“Bad Boys Four is coming up, we’re excited and excited. We’re in week four of shooting, everything is going to be great,” he added, before Sony Motion Pictures Group President Josh Greenstein was brought onstage. The duo has yet to announce the title of the new movie that appears Bad boys for life Directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Fallah are back behind the camera. No date has been set for the sequel. The franchise is currently worth $840.7 million through three films.

“There was a lot of hype about the show dying, and that the future was pouring in,” Greenstein said.

“Sonny stood arm and arm with you,” Greenstein told the exhibitors’ room at Caesars Palace Colosseum.

“The studios whose windows collapsed are now recognizing the value of windows and reversing course,” Greenstein added.

“Now broadcasters are offering their movies exclusives,” added Greenstein, who said Sony will release 23 films this calendar year alone.

The first film to be shown was an opening trailer from Craig Gillespie’s film, stupid money About GameStop Stock Fever Dash starring Paul Dano and Seth Rogen. Gillespie took the stage with Dano.

stupid money is the true story of how an everyday investor flipped the script,” said the director, “a YouTuber who comes from a blue-collar family and puts his money into Gamestop stock.”

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Dano added, “My character Keith calls himself Roaring Kitty and starts posting videos on YouTube… As more regular people buy gamestop stock, the price goes up and up.”

In the sequence, Rogen, Nick Offerman, and other hedge funders learn of the Wall Street chaos after GameStop stock jumped due to Reddit.

Other clips shown included trailers for Legendary’s god, And Insidious: the door.

After Sony offered a lot of Spider-Man through the cobweb At last year’s CinemaCon, they came armed with the first 14 minutes of the movie.

Beck’s director Kemp Powers introduced the film with voice actors Shamick Moore, Issa Rae and Hailee Steinfeld on stage. “You only have one way out today because we’re trying to finish this movie,” Powers said.

“When I saw the first Spider-Verse I was working on Soul at Pixar,” he added,

Moore told the show that in the sequel, “It’s been over a year since the events of the first movie, Miles is still trying to figure out what it’s like to be a superhero. He’s discovering that the way you wear a mask really makes you a hero; the only person who understands is Gwen Stacy.”

Steinfeld added, “Gwen has her own story, too… She’s a character in whom many girls see themselves.”

Ray added, “(My character is) a spider-woman from another dimension; she doesn’t take prisoners, she doesn’t lead a double life — that doesn’t dress her up.”

In the sequence, Miles Morales retreats to relax in his bedroom, but his son runs into Gwen Stacy. You want to get out of the house, but he’s on the floor. “Is Spider-Man grounded?” she asks. The two fly through the city, animation loaded with the same multicolored style and triptych of the first film, interspersed with rough shots that still need to be polished ahead of its June 2 theatrical release. They stop and have a mushy moment on high beam. “In every other universe, Gwen Stacy falls in love with Spider-Man, and in every other universe, it doesn’t end well.”

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Next up was Sony Motion Picture Group President Sanford Panitch, who pitched the highly anticipated Marvel picture, Craven the hunter. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays the title role, wasn’t in, but he did deliver the first teaser of what appears to be the winner on Oct. 6. Read more here. Sidney Sweeney was here today, but not with him Madame Webbut the R-rated movie anyone but you and fellow co-star Glen Powell.