April 18, 2024

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South Ossetia wants to arrange a consultation to join Russia

South Ossetia wants to arrange a consultation to join Russia

In his confrontation with the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, Anatoly Biplov wants to take up the weapon of the referendum. Chairman of VinSouth OssetiaPro-Russian territory separated from the Caucasus GeorgiaWednesday is considered to arrange a popular consultation with Russia.

“Of course, we need to ask the people their opinion and make sure that the people express themselves about the possibility of joining the Russian Federation,” Anatoly Biplov said directly on the Russian television channel. “It’s not very difficult to do without pulling, as they say, it’s a technical question,” he continued, promising to join. Russia The “old dream” of the Ossetian people.

A vote that did not take place before the April 10 presidential election

“All legal procedures will be completed after the presidential election,” said a spokeswoman for South Ossetia’s President Tina Kasiva, who is scheduled for April 10 in the region.

Two regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia CaucasusThe former Soviet Republic seceded from Georgia. Following the Lightning War between Tbilisi and Moscow, their independence was recognized by Russia in August 2008. Since this conflict, Russian forces have been stationed there.

Abkhazia checks without following the same path

For his part, Valerie Quartzia, the leader of Abkhazia’s “parliament”, confirmed on Wednesday evening that the question of annexing the territory to Russia did not arise because the Abkhazian “constitution” declares it “clearly” “independent”. Status “. He further stressed that the end of South Ossetia was” a possibility ” Referendum A “sovereign right”, which promised an issue that would unite the Ossetian people, part of which lives within Russia’s borders.

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The announcement comes from South Ossetia, where the Russian military is operating War in Ukraine, To officially assist the two pro-Russian separatist regions of Lukansk and Donetsk. Last week, Anatoly Piplov announced that he had sent troops from South Ossetia to Ukraine to “defend Russia.”

On Sunday, Lonans Passetchnik, the leader of the Lugansk separatists, said a referendum would be held “in the future” on annexing the region to Russia. Denis Bushlin, the leader of the Donetsk separatists, also continues to support the merger with Moscow.