Thursday, July 25, 2024

Spider-Man 2 PS5 release date is set for October 20th


Spider-Man 2 launches October 20th on PS5, Insomniac announced during Summer Game Fest.

One of the biggest mysteries in the game is Venom’s identity. Insomniac wouldn’t say who’s behind the iconic anti-hero, but it did rule out Eddie Brock.

In Spider-Man 2, you play Peter Parker and Miles Morales. You control each of the Spider-Men at different points in the campaign, but in the open world you can switch between them almost instantly as you explore Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Insomniac said that both Spider-Men have stories and missions in the world that are exclusive to each other.

Confirmed villains are Venom, the Lizard, and the aforementioned Kraven. Each character’s arm represents their new abilities (Peter with a symbiote, Miles with Venom’s evolved bio-electrical powers).
If you pre-order any edition, you will get an early unlock Arachknight suit for Peter with three additional color options, an early unlock Shadow Spider Suit for Miles with three additional color variants, an early unlocked Web Grabber, and three skill points.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game, all pre-order incentives, 10 unique suits (five for Peter, five for Miles), additional photo mode frames and stickers, and two additional skill points.

The 10 suits were designed by guest artists including Chris Anka, Julia Blattman, Sweeney Bowe, Anthony Francisco, Raf Grassetti, Jared Mantz, Joel Mandesh, Darren Koch, and Victoria Young.

Finally, the Collector’s Edition includes a coupon for a Digital Deluxe Edition, a Steelbook bag, and a 19-inch figurine showing Spider-Man battling Venom.

In case you missed it, here’s everything that was announced at Summer Game Fest.

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