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Splatoon 3’s Zelda-themed Splatfest won by Team Power


Update #1 [Fri 28th Apr, 2023 15:00 BST]: With just over a week left until Splatoon 3’s Zelda-themed Splatfest kicks off, Nintendo announced today that team voting is now open.

Splatsville’s central arena is once again home to the event pledge stand, where you can go to pick your team – but choose carefully, because this can’t be changed.

Choosing your team will also earn you an in-game Zelda T-shirt, which you can wear in matches in the lead up to the event to start leveling up and unlocking new abilities. As was the case with November’s Pokemon-themed Splatfest, these t-shirts can be purchased in the real world via Google Play My Nintendo Storeso you can continue to represent your team long after the nomination process is over.

Nintendo also revealed a special QR code for the event that unlocks a free in-game food item when scanned into the Nintendo Switch Online app. Consuming the item will temporarily double the money you and your team receive during online matches, so it’s worth getting if you’re looking for some new items in the run-up to Splatfest.

The same event starts next weekend, respectively May 5-7. Be sure to check out the original post below for full details.

The original article [Fri 14th Apr, 2023 15:30 BST]: Splatoon 3’s upcoming Splatfest has been revealed, a collection of collaborations between the Inklings, octolings, and The Legend of Zelda series. The Zelda-themed Splatfest begins May 5 at 5 p.m. PT and ends in 5 p.m. PT on May 7th.

To celebrate the release of Kingdom’s Tears highly anticipated next month, you need to answer this all-important question – what are you looking for? Strength, wisdom or courage? That’s right, it’s all about the Triforce pieces, and they fit perfectly. Not only that, but during the Tricolor Turf War, matches will take place in a unique tricolor-shaped version of Scorch Gorge just for this Splatfest.

And as with all of our Splatfest announcements, we’ve got some beautiful modern art to celebrate the occasion.

So, you can take this poll to mean the power you want, or who you side with – Ganondorf, Zelda, or Link? Or which of the golden gods do you like the most – Dean, Nairu, and Faror? Or maybe you’ll be standing next to your favorite Deep Cut member again.

Mark the date on your calendars for the next Splatfest, then! The previous Splatfest was all about mystical creatures, with Team Nessie taking the crown. But who will you side with? Vote in our poll below and let us know in the comments!

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