April 13, 2024

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Stills from WILD HEARTS 'The Power of Karakuri'

Stills from WILD HEARTS ‘The Power of Karakuri’

publisher Electronic Arts And the Tecmo Koi studio Omega Force They released the first “Monogatari Episode” (narrative episode) hunting ad series action game wild hearts. The first is titled “The Power of Karakuri”.

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Monogatari Episode 1 highlights the unique Karakuri system, advanced mechanics crafted from ancient lost technology; Karakuri is designed to be versatile and multifunctional, giving players the upper hand in battle, as well as when collecting resources and traveling through hunting grounds.

The video shows how Karakuri gives players a creative and dynamic edge during combat – as they learn new shapes and combinations, players can better prepare hunting grounds and create favorable conditions for their battle against giant Kemono monsters. With the persistent nature of Karakuri, players who fall into battle or receive help from allies can continue to use their previous hunting experience to set new traps and ways to travel more efficiently and strategically. Crafting changes the way players think about their hunt – they’ll need to learn how to adapt to the new complexity while unlocking different Karakuri decks and teaming up with allies to create stronger Karakuri systems.

wild hearts scheduled out for Playstation 5And the Xbox seriesAnd the computer Across steamAnd the Epic Games Storethe original on February 17, 2023.

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“The Power of Karakuri” gameplay trailer