June 13, 2024

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Surprising news came out as Warner Bros. drops the film.  The latest trailer for Flash

Surprising news came out as Warner Bros. drops the film. The latest trailer for Flash

Warner Bros. has dropped the latest trailer for the lightComing to cinemas on June 16, 2023.

We have one last trailer for the light Ahead of the movie’s release on June 16, 2023. Its release coincides with some spoiler casting news. Director Andy Muschietti appears to have spilled the beans about a surprise cameo in the upcoming film, According to Variety (HUGE spoiler in the link) – a lot discomfort For some fans.

(Some spoilers below and one major reveal at the end. We’ll give you more info when we get there.)

As previously mentioned, previous scripts focused on adapting the flash point A crossover story from the comic books, in which the Scarlet Speedster goes back in time to stop his mother from being killed, thus changing the entire timeline. In this alternate world, young Bruce Wayne is killed in place of his parents. Thomas Wayne becomes Batman, Martha Wayne becomes the Joker, Wonder Woman and Aquaman become bitter enemies, and Superman is a prisoner. Muschietti has kept many flash point Story elements while acknowledging that this will be a different version. And he wanted to include not only Michael Keaton’s Batman but Ben Affleck’s as well, as he believed Barry’s relationship with the latter would make Keaton’s inclusion more powerful.

In addition to Miller, Affleck, and Keaton, the ensemble cast the light includes Kiersey Clemons as journalist (and Barry’s love interest) Iris West; Michael Shannon as General Zod, reprising his role from 2013 man of steel; Antje Trowe reprises the role of Zod’s second-in-command, Faora-Ul; Sasha Kale as Supergirl; and Maribel Verdue as Barry’s mother, Nora Allen. Scheduling conflicts meant that Billy Crudup could not return as Barry’s father, Henry Allen, who was wrongly convicted of killing his wife, so Ron Livingston stepped into the role. While Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Affleck was also expected to appear Unveiled by IndieWire Last month that scene was cut from the final film.

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Warner Bros. released it. The first official trailer for the light During Super Bowl LVII, Keaton’s confirmed return as Batman (from The beloved Tim Burton era) pretty much set the internet on fire. For many, Keaton has been the definitive Batman for decades even The Dark Knight Triple It began (with Christian Bale donning the mantle) in 2005. So it was only natural to see Zack Snyder-era Batman Keaton and Affleck team up to fix a timeline catastrophically altered by poor decision-making over the part of The Flash. The second trailer dropped last month at CinemaCon, giving fans another chance to enjoy Keaton’s Batcycle, bulletproof cape, Batman’s use of said cape as a parachute, and especially the Burton-directed original movie’s callback dialogue (“Wanna get nuts? Get nuts?”). nuts.”).

The latest trailer contains a lot of the same footage with a few extra details here and there. The show opens with a cliffhanger moment, as Barry/The Flash awkwardly deals with a group of adoring fans on the street before rushing off to meet up with Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. We see Barry in the alternate timeline, having breakfast with his parents, cut short when his alternate self appears on the front lawn. (One assumes they can’t be seen together due to the time travel paradox, something, something, something. Prime Barry is actually dealing with his alter ego.)

General Zod’s forces attack (“This World Must Die”), Supergirl confronts the General in battle, Batman Keaton does his thing, and we see the two Flashes running in opposite directions – possibly an attempt to restore the original timeline. BEST MOMENT: Barry is riding in the Batmobile, and when a passerby sees it and notices he has “imaginary friends,” he insists, “Yeah, it was an Uber… exec.”

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Warning: the major spoiler below!

Zoom in / “Yeah, it was an Uber app… Exec.”

YouTube / Warner Bros

What were we no We see in the final trailer the surprise that Muschietti has just revealed during an interview With Esquire Middle East. About 25 years ago, Tim Burton had plans to make a movie called Superman livesloosely based onSuperman deathA story from the comics, starring Nicolas Cage as Superman. (Yes, there are pictures.) It was canceled three weeks before shooting was due to begin—for budgetary reasons apparently—and the project was dropped, despite a Documentary 2015 around it.

Cage is a huge Superman fan and even named his son Kal-El. he Variety said that Burton’s version would have been “a really different kind of emo Superman,” sporting “long black samurai hair.” Now he finally gets a chance to play Superman in a short cameo the light, thanks to Muschietti and his fondness for all previous incarnations of the franchise. Hopefully it’s the long-haired emo version we never get to see.

Listing image by YouTube/Warner Bros