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Technology World Rallies to Defend Texas Abortion Rights Against Highly Restricted Law


The tech world doesn’t want to be helpless then The practice of a law prohibiting the termination of majority pregnancies in TexasIt has been reported that a website promoting the public to condemn illegal abortions in this US state, even in cases of sex or rape, will be expelled by its host.

The site was set up by the Texan Anti-Abortion Committee to gather the right to life “Pipes” Or the denunciations of people and organizations that help a woman to have an abortion in this conservative position after six weeks of pregnancy.

From Wednesday, the law provides for plaintiffs to receive a minimum of $ 10,000 “Compensation” If convicted, a “Condemnation Bonus”, According to his opponents.

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But on Friday, clicking on the website’s “Taps” button took the user to the “Denied access – GoDaddy’s Firewall” page. Online service provider Kodadi actually told site owners on Thursday that they were violating its rules and that it exists “Twenty-four hours to change host”, According to its spokesman. GoDaddy’s policies state that users cannot collect information from the public without their permission.

“We will not remain silent”, Presented by Kimberlyn Swartz, Director of Communication for the Right to Life. “No one can stop saving lives. We are not afraid. We will not back down. Our team of technicians has already relocated to another department and the site will be operational again within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.”, She clarified.

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Internet users, promoted by human rights organizations, filled the website with false denunciations. On social media such as TicTac and Instagram, activists share their efforts to create site-exploding bots in this way.

The two U.S. leaders, Uber and Lift, announced Friday that they would accept drivers’ legal costs if they were to be prosecuted under the new law for car bookings driven by car drivers.

Bumble and Match Team Support Funding

The Texas-based Bumble and Match team (Tinder, Occupy, etc.) will create the support fund. Bumble Wanted Online Dating App “Support the rights of women and people who want to have an abortion in Texas”, The company the woman founded and runs the company tweeted on Wednesday.

“If our community doesn’t care about our business in general, it won’t take the political side. But, in this case, I personally, as a woman in Texas, could not be quiet.”, The tournament’s boss Shar Dube wrote in an internal note sent on Twitter. And add:

“Everyone should see the danger posed by a law as punitive and unjust, which does not even make an exception for victims of rape or sexual assault. I hate that our government is backtracking on women’s rights.”

The law, which went into effect on Wednesday, prohibits abortion once the fetal heartbeat has been detected, six weeks pregnant, when most women are not known to be pregnant. Medical emergency is the only exception justified.

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Until now, similar texts from other U.S. states have been blocked in court, but this time the federal Supreme Court has refused to block the law. Under Texas law, enforcement of this measure is encouraged to file a complaint against citizens, not authorities.

“It simply came to our notice then (…) It creates a kind of self-declared awareness system by getting people rewards., US President Joe Biden on Friday lamented the White House press. “This is ridiculous, almost anti-American.”, He continued.

Tribune: “The purpose of the laws prohibiting abortion before the threshold of possibility is to question the existing litigation law.”

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