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The Cardinals’ option to rookie star Jordan Walker fell to Triple-A


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San Francisco – promising St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Defender Jordan Walker Triple-A selected Memphis on Wednesday after sliding 7-for-35 in its last 10 games.

Walker made his debut on Opening Day and opened the season with a record 12-game streak. 353 through April 10 but his average dropped to . 274 with triples, two home runs and 11 RBI. Walker hit 20 times in 73 at-bats.

Cardinals manager Oliver Marmul said the decision was made to get additional opportunities for some of the team’s other players as the 20-year-old Walker gained more experience in the minor leagues. Marmul also said it would be “crazy” to think Walker would not return to a big league club.

“There’s a need for some of these guys to go out there more often and get a little bit of a rhythm, and they just couldn’t do that because we’ve got five players who all deserve to play every day,” Marmol said, referring to Alec BurlesonAnd Dylan CarlsonAnd Nolan GormanAnd Lars Notbar And Tyler O’Neal. “But we didn’t have a chance to send the same people out there often enough for them to get to a rhythm based on the jam of the record.

“The second part of this is I think we have a real superstar on our hands in Walker. And we have to make sure we’re doing what’s right for us, who in turn will do what’s right for us.”

In the first round of high school in 2020, Walker jumped from Double-A to the majors in March and tied Eddie Murphy of the 1912 Philadelphia Athletics with the longest career-starting hitting streak for a player 20 years of age or younger. .

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But Walker has only pitched in four of the Cardinals’ previous six games and has only had four starts this season and hit multiple hits.

“At Double-A, you see a lot of firepower, a lot of guys and your big arms out there,” Marmol said. “At Triple-A, you see a lot of guys who’ve been in the league for a while who are more of a pitch-maker. They nibble, they spin you. He didn’t get to experience that. So the adjustments that have to be mechanically and methodically, I think it lends itself It’s a good field to go out there, get groomed and then come back to see us and help us win. At some point Jordan Walker will be back.”

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