June 16, 2024

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The Foo Fighters introduced Josh Freese as their new drummer

The Foo Fighters introduced Josh Freese as their new drummer

The Foo Fighters introduced a new drummer, Josh Freese, prior to their release album next month and their first round Since the death of the rock band’s former drummer, Taylor Hawkins, last year, it has devastated the group and its fans.

Friese, 50, appeared on Sunday for an hour-long streaming rehearsal for “Preparing Music for Concerts,” which featured a mix of jokes, and surprises from other drummers and two poodles.

It started with the group’s lead singer, Dave Grohl, and other members of the band standing around with their instruments in a darkened studio, joking about whether any of them punched someone on stage.

Suddenly I knocked on the door. There are greetings “Hi!” Also entering is Chad Smith, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pointing with drumsticks. “There’s a white Mercedes blocking me,” he says, and then leaves.

Then Mötley Crüe’s drummer, Tommy Lee, burst in, carrying bags of PF Chang’s Chinese takeaway food. Cheers all around. “Put it in the kitchen for us,” says Grohl.

Danny Carey, of Tool, is next in the door, twirling drumsticks in one hand and in the other, clutching a leash to which he attached a pair of large poodles he said he had just prepared. Then he leaves.

This, apparently, was a build-up to Frieze’s appearance. According to His Instagram posts. He also has He posted about his excitement about PF Chang’s.

A frustrated voice suddenly shouted out of the darkness, from someone who seemed tired of the intrusions: “Excuse me!”

The camera pans in his direction. It was Freeze, sitting behind a set of drums. “Guys, could we like to, I don’t know, play a song? Or two? Something?”

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And they did.

Back-to-back appearances by one of rock’s best drummers followed by another were the way to make big news yet, As reported by Variety!, the band went to “great efforts” not to reveal the identity of their new drummer.

Freese is a veteran drummer who has performed with Offspring, Sting, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, and more.

The Foo Fighters were devastated after Hawkins died at a hotel in northern Bogota, Colombia, where the band was scheduled to play. a Liked member From the group, Hawkins joined the band for their album There Is Nothing Left to Lose, released in 1999, and played on their next seven albums.

Sunday’s streaming event included “Rescued,” the band’s first new song since Hawkins’ death, which seemed to reflect their ongoing grief.

Last September in London, Hawkins’ teenage son, Shane, performed “My Hero”. With the band at a tribute concert to his father. At that concert, Frieze, on drums, He said he wanted to play On the Hawkins group.