Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The hypothesis of a meteorite seems to be confirmed


The most plausible hypothesis type is a small object Asteroid entered the atmosphere and then exploded. This is what we call, “The wind exploded“, or atmospheric explosion. Objects affect the atmosphere roughly 70 000 kmph. Sometimes they fall to pieces and nothing lands on the ground. It’s an atmospheric event with a large shock wave.”Summary Jérôme Gattacceca, geologist and geophysicist, director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

An explosion of considerable magnitude was undoubtedly felt in one corner of the veil June 20 afternoon On the island, in Cape Corsica And along ceast coast, and up Tuscan.

A regional event

That day, the scientist also found himself in the front row, “Rare luck in life“, he believes.”I was there Pietracorpara, inside a house. The windows shook and the building shook a bit. I felt the shock well“, he assures.

The rumbling and shaking immediately made him think of an earthquake. Of course, he links to the site From the Geological Survey of America It is unique in identifying earthquakes within seconds. “A point will automatically appear on the map. Nothing this time. It has been a long time and still no report“, he remembers.

Later, the Seismic networks The French and Italians confirm the absence of “A common signature of an earthquake. According to the scientist, it is almost impossible for a plane to break the sound barrier, a human explosion “We handled a regional event. It is one that has been found as far away as Tuscany..

LAsteroid as Meteor (a fragment of an asteroid), on the other hand seem more plausible explanations. According to Jerome Katachega, it is not surprising that no debris was found.

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For at least two main reasons. The first relates to the weighty sky Sahara dust,”This may have masked a possible flashing event“. Because in a path celestial body,The atmosphere heats up, ionizes and emits light. Strictly speaking, it is not a fireball. But I don’t know where to look because I can’t record the light event.“, he explains.

In this situation, it is difficult to know whether the fragments fell into the sea or somewhere in the bush or forest. You can look for a needle in a haystack. Nothing in particular says that it actually exists.

In 1910, an object exploded overhead Siberia, uprooted trees and destroyed homes over hundreds of kilometers. But nothing happened to the field. History repeats itself in 2012 with some nuances, Chelyabinsk, Russia Always. An asteroid explodes in the sky and creates a shock wave 1,500 people were injured across the region. No trace was found on Earth“, he notes.

Infrasound measured by Italian acoustic seismic stations reinforces scientist’s reductions. “These readings show that it was a dynamic source that followed a path from east to west.

It’s the first four cameras Picuglia, Gigao, Porto-Vecchio and Ajaccio, to participate Freebon Network (Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network) did not send any information. Fault Desert dust cloud. In clear weather, these cameras are used to calculate orbits and thus locate where objects fall.

The field of inquiry is open.