May 21, 2024

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The idea of ​​a fourth dose is prevalent in France

Several countries have already announced the opening of a fourth dose of the Govt-19 vaccine for the most vulnerable population. An opportunity not ruled out by French health officials.

Is it a matter of time? After the administration of the vaccine, there are increasing voices to consider a fourth dose, usually a two-dose, then a booster dose against Covit-19, especially to protect people at risk.

This Thursday, Spain gave the green light in this direction and France may soon follow suit.

“For now, this is a withdrawal, but perhaps a fourth may be needed, I do not know. I do not know how long the withdrawal will last,” said Jean-Fran்கois Delphrasi, chairman of the Scientific Council before the committee. Social Affairs in the Senate. “A fourth dose may be needed at some point to remind me, at what point, I don’t know yet,” he added.

According to Alain Fischer, “reflection” is an object

An opportunity mentioned by Alain Fischer. Interview with this question at the end of December RTL, Chairman of the Orientation Council on Vaccine Strategy, responded that the material was “on the table”.

“The substance is in the mirror”, maintained by the immunologist, although at this point “absolute priority” is a continuation of the current recall campaign, which is about the third level.

“Data should be obtained on the level and duration of protection provided by the booster against variance. Depending on the data, whether the protection against harsh forms decreases or remains very good, depending on the age class, whether people are fragile or not, then I can now specify additional reminders for all or vulnerable individuals. It is necessary to recommend on demand, “he said.

“As soon as our health officials say yes, we will go,” Jean Costex finally promised on BFMTV and RMC on Thursday, November 6th.

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Promises first results in Israel

In this fourth dose a country has already conducted one of the first clinical trials: Israel. A team from Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv last week released preliminary results on the effectiveness of this new injection for those who received the third dose four months ago.

According to the hospital, “antibodies (participants, author’s note) increased fivefold, indicating that the vaccine is active and provides protection against serious complications.”

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett’s reaction: “The fourth dose is safe, the fourth dose works.” “More than 100,000 Israelis” have already registered for the fourth dose, and those currently over 60 have been receiving the third dose for more than four months, the leader said.

Many countries will introduce this

In recent days, the list of countries in decline has continued to grow. Chile currently assigns it to people with immune deficiencies, while anyone can request it in Hungary after medical consultation.

Denmark announced on Wednesday that it was offering this fourth dose to its most vulnerable citizens, namely those who injected the third at the start of the fall recall campaign. This applies to people with immune deficiencies, cancer patients or people with arthritis.

Finally, Spain will allow its most vulnerable population (some cancer patients, transplant recipients, those undergoing dialysis or immunotherapy, author’s note) to benefit from this fourth injection. However, this is only possible five months after the third dose.

That is already a fact in France

What about France then? “We will undoubtedly get there,” Christophe Robb said. However, an epidemiologist at an American hospital in Paris notes that this fourth dose is already a fact of immunodeficiency in France, “we are not waiting for the Spaniards”.

“Now the question arises as to what are vulnerable patients. We did this for transplant patients and those who did dialysis … Are we going to do this for people over 60 now? People who emerge as caregivers?” Asks the health consultant. BFMTV expects other countries to launch this fourth dose.

A solution, but in the short term? Mircea Sofonea explains on BFMTV that “obviously the horizon is not four doses, but one annual dose.” The lecturer on epidemiology and the evolution of infectious diseases finds an analogy with the flu vaccine: “One tends a little towards it”.