April 19, 2024

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The Israeli government has allowed humanitarian aid to enter Gaza from Egypt

The Israeli government has allowed humanitarian aid to enter Gaza from Egypt

Israel announced on Wednesday, October 18, that it would allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip from Egypt, while it imposed a strict blockade on the Palestinian territory and has relentlessly attacked it since the bloody Hamas offensive on October 7. “Israel will not withhold humanitarian aid from Egypt as long as it provides food, water and medicine to civilians in the southern Gaza Strip”, the Israeli government says in a press release. However, it mentions Israel “will not authorize any humanitarian aid from its territory to the Gaza Strip” Up to the hostages taken by Hamas “No Coming Back”. Follow our live stream.

Joe Biden Says US “Data” Exonerates Israel From Destruction of Al-Ahli Hospital US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday “Information” His group showed the destruction of a hospital in Gaza frees Israel, a Palestinian accused Hamas of authoring on Tuesday evening. Asked at a press conference why he did not believe the IDF, the Israeli military, was responsible for the attack, the US president said: “Data displayed by (its) defense department”During a visit to Tel Aviv the day after the explosion in this hospital.

24 French killed in Hamas attack on Israel Elisabeth Bourne announced on Wednesday a new count of French people who died during the Hamas terror attack in Israel on Saturday October 7. “Twenty-four of our comrades are dead, seven are still missing and many are being held hostage in Gaza.”, the Prime Minister announced in the Senate. Elisabeth Borne also announced that 3,500 French nationals have been repatriated from Israel to France in the last ten days.

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At least 471 people died in the hospital destruction Al-Ahli de Gaza. Almost 500 people They were killed Tuesday evening in the destruction of the hospital in the Gaza Strip, according to a new statement released Wednesday afternoon by the Hamas Health Ministry, which controls the Palestinian territories. Hamas blames Israel for carrying out the deadly attack. Israel, for its part, places the blame on another armed Islamist group in Gaza, Islamic Jihad, which it categorically denies. According to Hamas, the new figure brings the total number of deaths in the Gaza Strip since October 7 to nearly 3,500. The same source reports that more than 12,000 Palestinians have been injured.

Thousands of demonstrators in front of the French embassy in Tunis. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the French embassy in Tunis on Wednesday to express their anger after the demolition of a hospital in Gaza killed hundreds. “Dismissal of ambassador is a duty”Demonstrators chanted in particular, blaming France and the United States “Allies of the Zionists” In the war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas.