April 22, 2024

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The Israeli military announced airstrikes on Lebanon

The Israeli military announced airstrikes on Lebanon

The Israeli military announced Wednesday that the fighter jet had been launched on February 14 “Series of Tests in Lebanon” The border between the two countries is raising fears of an escalation after months of daily gunfire on the back of the war in neighboring Gaza. The military is not providing further details at this stage about the tests, which came after a rocket fired from Lebanon wounded several people in northern Israel on Wednesday, according to Israeli medical sources. Follow our live stream.

Words by Mahmood Abbas. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged Hamas on Wednesday, February 14. “finish quickly” Agreement for the Protection of the Palestinian People “The Consequences of a New Disaster”After four months of war between Israel and the Islamic Movement in the Gaza Strip. “We call on the Hamas movement to quickly conclude the agreement regarding the prisoners to save our Palestinian people from another disaster no less dangerous than the Nakba of 1948.”He said, as quoted by the Palestinian news agency Wafa “catastrophe” What is Israel's creation for the Palestinians?

A faint hope of a new truce. Egypt, a traditional mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly in Gaza, on Tuesday hosted US and Israeli intelligence directors and the head of the Qatari government for talks on a ceasefire, including the release of hostages. There were discussions “Positive” And so on “Next Three Days”, AlQahera News television, close to Egyptian intelligence, reported.

An upcoming attack on Rafa. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently ordered the Israeli military to prepare for an attack on Rafah. “The Last Castle” of Hamas. About 1.4 million Palestinians, or more than half of Gaza's population, live in dire conditions in the city, according to the United Nations.

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