May 30, 2024

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The junta intends to “investigate” President Mohamed Bassum for “high treason”.

The junta intends to “investigate” President Mohamed Bassum for “high treason”.

He was deposed and abducted after a military-led coup on July 26. President of Nigeria Mohammed Basoom He faces fresh accusations from the rulers. The latter, who formed the government during this critical period in Niger, spoke on the evening of August 13: They “ to continue » Deposed Head of State High treason “and” Security breach “From the country.

« Niger’s government has remained united to date “the” Evidence to prosecute the ousted president and his local and foreign allies before the competent national and international authorities for undermining Niger’s internal and external security. Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane said, One of the project members, in a statement read on national television. A spokesman says the isolated president’s phone will be tapped.

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Mohamed Bassoum, his family and many of his relatives are still being held in the basement of the presidential residence in Niamey. On Saturday August 12, the Nigerian president was able to get Personal doctor visits. According to him, all those arrested ok and Mohammad Basoom There is high morale “. But the President reserved treatment for his people and for himself.” Inhuman and cruel ».

Nigerians” ECOWAS has been hit hard by sanctions »

On Sunday, the military junta also condemned the bans ” Illegal, inhumane and humiliating The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), opposes the coup and threatens to resort to armed intervention to restore constitutional order, although the path of diplomacy is always preferred.

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Population of Niger Severely tested by ECOWAS’s illegal, inhumane and humiliating sanctions, which go to the extent of depriving the country of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs “and” Power supply “, said Colonel-Major Amato Abdramane.

The decision by the National Council for the Protection of the Fatherland (CNSP) came as a bit of a surprise when it announced that it was open to negotiations to find a way out of the crisis. Audiences are divided; Some believe that the junta is blowing hot and cold, while others see the tone as hardening, especially as this arrow has been unleashed against ECOWAS.

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