April 14, 2024

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The Morning After: Xbox Series S gets a major upgrade

The Morning After: Xbox Series S gets a major upgrade

The Xbox Series S occupies an interesting place in Microsoft’s gaming lineup, since it can play every current-generation game available for the Series X. It may be significantly less powerful, but it’s also much smaller and cheaper, making it “good enough” for many consoles. Casual and casual gamers.Now, at Summer Game Fest 2023, Microsoft is addressing one of users’ biggest concerns about hardware, making it a whole lot easier to live with.

At the event, the company displayed Carbon Black, twice as much as is currently available. It’s a big deal for all-digital console owners, since with just 512GB, existing Series S users often have to delete downloaded games or buy an expensive expansion card to make room for anything they just downloaded on Game Pass. The new Series S will be available on September 1, days before Microsoft’s latest flagship, starfield.

– Dan Cooper

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The biggest stories so far from Summer Game Fest 2023

It could have serious consequences for its automated moderation system.

Back in 2018, Twitter signed a billion dollar deal with Google to host some of its platform on the latter’s cloud servers. Now, with a new owner trying to avoid paying a price anythingIf at all, the company decided to disavow this commitment. Reports indicate that Twitter is not racing and is now racing to migrate key functionality away from Google Cloud before June 30th, but that may not be the deadline. This could put some key Twitter functions at risk, including its automated moderation system that fights spam and CSAM.

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The company promised to share gameplay footage later today.


The long-awaited Ubisoft. Publisher announced Star Wars Outlaws On Sundays during Microsoft’s Xbox and starfield A live show with a cinematic trailer that introduces fans to the game’s Han Solo-like protagonist, Key Vess. Ubisoft is doing the billing Outlaws As the first ever open-world Star Wars game – though it’s worth pointing out several previous games in the franchise, including the latest installment My grandfather: the survivorfeaturing open world elements.

Yes, that’s her name.

Gameplay image from 'Mortal Kombat 1' at Summer Game Fest 2023.

Warner Bros.

One of the biggest revelations from the generally silent Summer Game Fest show was footage from . The twelfth main game in the series restarts the universe with the once-dead Liu Kang, now a full-fledged God of Fire. Along with this new world, the title also adds Kameos, allies that can be summoned to battle. Read on for our first impressions of playing the game.

An analytics firm says getting users to pay has paid dividends.

We won’t know how successful Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is until we see the next financial release or two. But the third-party analytics company believes in Netflix’s policy of getting users to pay. Its data shows that the operator saw a spike in sign-ups at the end of May, far outpacing the number of cancellations.