May 26, 2024

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The most famous Final Girls of all time, ranked

The most famous Final Girls of all time, ranked

There are good reasons why they have earned the last standing title.

From being chased by a crazed killer brother for over 40 years to being trapped in a time loop and still surviving, these badass female characters have proven themselves and earned themselves the title of The Last Girl.

5. Trey Gelbman – Happy Death Day

Tree Gelbman is a final girl like no other, as she not only has to fight a masked killer who relentlessly stalks her, but also has to relive the same day over and over in a time loop.

She’s the only IT girl that has to be killed multiple times through many different variations, so there’s no doubt that she deserves her spot on this list.

4. Ellen Ripley – The Foreign Franchise

Defeating a psychopath in a time loop is hard work, but try to beat an alien in space.

From being the sole survivor of Nostromo’s battle with the alien to becoming a skilled fighter, Ripley has become a role model for all the girls who have to deal with creepy creatures in their daily lives.

3. Laurie Strode – The Halloween franchise

The legend of the “last girl with always dark hair” theory and the longest-running hide-and-seek player – Laurie Strode.

Portrayed by the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis, Laurie has been outsmarting her serial killer brother, Michael Myers, for 45 years.

Her character had a major influence on the “final girl” trope, making Lori and Michael the main characters of the Halloween and slasher genre.

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2. Sidney Prescott – Cry of Excellence

From victim to survivor, Sidney Prescott is the first to break the canonical “final girl” trope with his portrayal as a self-aware representative of the iconic term.

She breaks the rules by being sexually active and successfully takes down Ghostface’s multiple killers, adding a fresh twist to the slasher genre and bringing a whole new perspective to the Final Girl canon.

1. Grace Lou Dumas – Ready or Not

The only woman we can let beat is Mother Prescott. Kudos to Grace – Taking on your husband’s family and coming out on top is an advanced Final Girl level.

Girls, always check who you are marrying if you don’t want to find yourself in a dangerous game of survival with your new husband’s family.