April 18, 2024

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The next big game pass obsession

The next big game pass obsession

A young man with big eyes stands inside a crowd of small multi-colored aliens.

screenshot: Splashteam / Tinybuild / Kotaku

It’s been years since we’ve had news BICMIN 4And the Nintendo’s next entry in the lovable puzzle RTS franchise. But do not worry. If you are craving some minions management tactics, puzzle solving, cute worlds to explore, maybe even some platforms, then you should check this out. Tenkin. And best of all, this is excellent picminLike adventure now across multiple platforms, including Xbox and PC via Game Pass. No need to wait!

Released on August 30, tenkin he is A great game that mixes vibrant 2D charactersWith lavishly detailed 3D worlds. You play as a young human boy who leaves his home planet in search of the true origin of humanity. He crashed to the ground inside a house from the early 1990s. However, it is only an inch or two tall and the house is bypassed Intelligent sensory bugs who worship the lost home Her. These insects need your help. Lucky for you, those Strange creatures known as Tinykin seems to love you and will follow you, letting you control them and use their puzzle solving abilities. You use these powers to help other insects, of course. With that, you will probably reach Find out why you Too small and where the owner of this house is.

Tinykins can be found in the colorful pods that you unlock to collect. Different colors represent different flavors of creatures, and each comes equipped with its own unique ability or skill. For example, red bombs can be used as bombs to blow up walls or reveal shortcuts. The green towers can be stacked to create small ones that can help you reach new areas and the pink ones are very powerful, letting you move around big objects or clear out obstacles with your neon-colored friends.

A young man holds a small red alien with a lit wick on his head and guides him toward a breakable chest.

screenshot: Splashteam / Tinybuild / Kotaku

As you explore and gather a small army of Tinykins, the gameplay loop in the game becomes clear. The game is designed around large maps that are placed in different areas of the house. Scattered around these rooms are small puzzles and larger side objectives. Some of these are fairly simple, requiring you to just head into an area and use a few of your creatures to move a book needed to get to another object the bug needs. Others are more elaborate, forcing you to collect 20 or 30 Tinykins of a certain color to advance. But I’ve never been bothered by these goals. In fact, I loved building a massive army of adorable 2D creatures as I searched every nook and cranny for collectibles and more Tinykin’s to add to my bag.

While these worlds are fairly large – it will probably take over an hour to complete one completely – you don’t have to wander everywhere. tenkin Features a soapboard that lets you skate around the globe and even grind on ziplines and edges. It also gives you a bubble that allows you to slide into areas out of the way. This side of the tenkin Which is what really made the game click with me. You’ve already been into a mix of 2D/3D art and huge armies of tiny creatures, but the fluidity of the game’s movement makes exploring each world a breeze.

even without tenkinIt’s fun to run, jump, climb, grind and grind around each level as you meet new bugs and help them with their different problems and tasks.

Tinybuild / Splashteam / Xbox

Unfortunately, I encountered some framework Rating problems in certain parts of every world you’ve played in On the Xbox Series X, which is disappointing. Fortunately, they are not very common and seem to be confined to a few specific places that you can avoid. However, I would like to see a patch in the near future that helps address these issues as I have to imagine that String X can more than handle the visual complexity presented in tenkin.

tenkin It is one of those games that grab you and pull you in and before you know it, you have completed an entire world. Based on the main quest series that includes half a dozen or so main elements, I wouldn’t expect Tinykin to be around 20 hours of adventure. but no problem. As this game proves, you can have a lot of fun with the little things.

tenkin Available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. On Xbox, Steam, and Switch, you can download and play a free demo before purchasing the full game.

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