May 28, 2024

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The Russian judiciary has sentenced French banker Philip Delbol to four years and six months in prison

The ruling closes a story with diplomatic changes and, above all, significantly worsened the investment climate in Russia for two years. On February 14, 2019, he was arrested along with five partners of the Russian investment fund Barring Vostok – for the sixth time in December of the same year – Philip Delpal was detained for six months, followed by two years of intense surveillance at his home in Moscow. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on the issue“Thorn” In bilateral relations with Russia.

A Russian court on Friday, August 6 sentenced Michael Calvey and Philip Del Paul, the company’s founder and director, to five years in prison and six months to four years and six months in prison, respectively, on charges of fraud. The France-Press (AFP) is in the courtroom.

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Their Russian counterparts Alexei Kortitsev, Vagan Upkarian, Maxim Vladimirov, Alexandre Sakunov and Ivan Jiuzhin received suspended sentences ranging from three years and six months to five years. And the guilt of all who have been accused “Fully Proven”, Judge Anna Sokova, said during the highlight “Deleting Circumstances”, Especially MM. Galway and Delball have small children in their care and have never tried this before.

“Judgment is unfortunate and very unjust”, Mr Calvey told reporters, ruled “Contempt for being punished for a crime that never happened”. “I’m shocked.”, Was started for his part by Mr. Delball. “Me and my colleagues are completely innocent”.

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Philip Del Paul, one of Russia’s largest foreign investors, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for embezzling 2.5 billion rubles (29 million euros) from a Russian bank. Those who have been accused of an accusation by rivals from the outset by political levers at the highest level of the Russian state have been condemned from the outset.

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Mr. According to Timothy Gridnev, Calvai’s lawyer, “The court continues to stubbornly accuse Galway and his associates of fraud for not repaying the loan, while, according to the bank, these loans were repaid in 2017. (R). The offender’s interference in civil law will lead to this. “

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