Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Saudi monarch was admitted to the hospital for a colonoscopy


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AFP) – The 80-year-old Saudi monarch underwent a colonoscopy on Sunday, state media reported, just weeks after changing the pacemaker’s battery.

The official Saudi Press Agency report initially stated that King Salman, 86, was transferred to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the coastal city of Jeddah for medical examinations, without going into details.

Later in the day, state media reported that he had had a colonoscopy, and nothing abnormal was found. State media reported that doctors had instructed King Salman to stay in the hospital “for some time” to rest, without specifying the duration.

The king’s health is closely monitored as he wields absolute power in the kingdom.

King Salman ascended to the throne in 2015 and appointed his 36-year-old son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as his successor. However, he has also already empowered Prince Mohammed to lead the day-to-day affairs.

Since coming to power, Prince Mohammed has upended the kingdom with stunning social reforms, marginalizing rivals from the royal family, and suppressing perceived opponents, sparking controversy.

Earlier this year, state media reported that King Salman was taken to hospital in Riyadh to have the pacemaker battery replaced. In 2020, he underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder after a stint in the hospital which revived speculation about his health.

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