Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Scottish Prime Minister's Commons Slippage


Hamza Yusuf.
Andrew Milligan/PA Photos/ABACA

Portrait – Hamza Yusuf as leader of the alliance between separatists and environmentalists is a pure product of Anglo-Saxon Communism. He sees no contradiction in fighting both “Islamophobia” and “alternative fear.”

This article is from “Figaro Magazine”.

The Promised Thing… Scottish Government Leader Hamza Yusuf released 1There is Ordinance to implement the Act in April “Hate Crimes” She wore it a year ago when she was justice minister under the successful Nicola Sturgeon. Voted in 2021, the text extends to religion,“Transgender Identity” Law against sexual orientation, age and disability, racial hatred. J.K. Asked immediately about the Rowling “case”, the Scottish Victims and Social Care Minister assessed that the Harry Potter creator's comments could be a factor. “Report” In the new legal framework. “I can't wait to get arrested!” The person concerned responded that she had been the target of death threats over the years for noting that being a woman was a question “Biology”.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak rushed to JK Rowling's aid. “We believe in freedom of expression…

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