June 13, 2024

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The upcoming Intel Raptor Lake update should still be part of the 13th generation core series

The upcoming Intel Raptor Lake update should still be part of the 13th generation core series

As expected, Intel confirms that the 14th generation of the core is based on Meteor Lake

The previously leaked documents did not fully describe how Intel would name its consumer CPU products. However, the newly shared data may now explain what will happen with the primary chain in the near future.

A new OpenVPL (Video Processing Library) hardware support schema lists “Future: 14th Generation Intel Core Series” as MTL/Meteor Lake. Although there is no mention of the upcoming Raptor Lake update, this codename is only associated with the 13th Gen Core series. Essentially what this means is that the 14th generation series should no longer be associated with Raptor Lake Refresh, unless some small changes are made later.

Intel 14th Gen Core is Meteor Lake, Source: @momomo_us/Intel

It is likely that Intel’s next consumer desktop Core series will adopt similar product naming to the mobile series. One can now expect a Core i9-13950K SKU or something similar that will be part of Raptor Lake Refresh.

The leaked roadmap only mentioned Raptor Lake-S Refresh for desktop PCs, with no direct plans for the mobile series. Most importantly, the current 700 Series platform will remain the same, which means that Intel will now have two generations and one update (so three waves of SKUs launched) to its existing LGA1700 platform.

Intel Raptor Lake-S Refresh, Source: @9550pro

As long as the roadmap is considered, Intel Raptor Lake Refresh should be launched in the third quarter of this year. Meanwhile, Meteor Lake shouldn’t be coming to the desktop anytime soon.

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