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The use of overhead lockers in airlines is dividing the internet



May 29, 2023 | 1:12 PM

Overhead storage isn’t your closet.

That’s the message from travel influencer couple Matt and Hillary, whose TikTok account @hillnpoo has 42,000 followers.

they Post a video He says that airline passengers shouldn’t put their clothes or jackets in the overhead baggage compartment — and that has led to a loudmouth controversy.

In the video caption: “Are we wrong to think that flak jackets are a crime?” The voiceover says:

“If you’re planning to fly in 2023, please don’t be the one who fills an entire overhead locker with your jackets. It’s an absolute waste of space. They can sit on your lap or most airlines have hooks.”

The etiquette message divided followers and garnered more than 600 commenters and more than 240,000 views.

One opponent wrote, “Considering that the crew asks you to put your jacket in there, it makes no sense not to do so.”

This video etiquette section travelers.

Another chimed in, “Well, that’s not quite right. I tried several times to keep it on my knees and the hostess put it in overhead storage.”

But of course, many agreed with the influencers, including one who claims to be a frequent flyer.

“As someone who used to travel more than 200 days a year – I’ve been on many flights when the attendant said not to put coats in overhead bins,” the commentator wrote.

These two influential couple said not to put your jackets in the sky.

Another person, who said he was a flight attendant, agreed and brought up a compromise that was popular in the comments section.

“Hi, I’m a flight attendant, I hate when passengers put their coats in the trash. Please wait until the luggage is in the trunk, then shove your coat in.”

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As the summer travel season heats up, incidents of airline misbehavior are making the news.

A young woman recently took to Reddit to complain about a flight in which a passenger changed her baby’s diaper on a nightstand.

On a Frontier Airlines flight, a passenger allegedly hit a flight attendant with the intercom phone.

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