March 3, 2024

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The video shows how Apple has made it extremely difficult to perform any repairs to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

The video shows how Apple has made it extremely difficult to perform any repairs to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple’s cancellation of easy repairs on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is an understatement, with small screws, bits and pieces that you likely need to examine under a microscope to properly identify. A YouTuber showed off the excruciatingly long time it takes to complete repairs when he was sent a 6.7-inch iPhone that had massive damage on the inside. As a result, he decided to perform a complex ripping operation to reveal just how difficult the procedure was.

The YouTuber says that without his trusty magnetic cradle, there’s no way he’d be able to keep all of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s pieces in one place; The entire process took four and a half hours to complete

Unlike iFixit’s iPhone 14 Pro Max disassembly, which seemed straightforward and easy, Huge Jeffreys appears to have had a complete meltdown when trying to perform a full disassembly of the flagship. Sure, the unit he got was smashed front and back, but the internal components were intact, revealing that it could be taken apart with little trouble. Unfortunately, Apple’s own decisions have made this nearly impossible.

The YouTuber states that while Apple improved the design of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus in a way that made fixes simple, for some reason, the company didn’t take the same approach with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even replacing the battery was very difficult, and Apple could learn a thing or two from Samsung, which introduced easily identifiable removable pull tabs with the Galaxy S23 series.

Jeffries laments that not one type of screw presses into the iPhone 14 Pro Max components, but many variants, forcing him to take out different bits to put in his screwdriver. There are also a plethora of small bits that need to be removed or pry off carefully. The YouTuber mentions that these bits are so small that a change in your breathing pattern or just a sneeze is enough to dislodge them, causing them to go missing.

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After the entire disassembly process is completed, the various parts, bits, screws and other parts of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are covered by a rather large magnetic mat. Jeffries says he would certainly have lost some of those parts had he not had the rug on hand at the time of the disassembly. The video also shows that putting all these pieces back together is just as time consuming as taking them apart, but here’s an added twist; You now have to remember which piece has to go where, or you’ll run into a repair roadblock.

Even with the iPhone 14 Pro Max repaired, the YouTuber has yet another problem. Apple’s software doesn’t recognize the new display as an original display, so iOS has disabled True Tone and auto-brightness. If you are aspiring to get your iPhone 14 Pro Max repaired, the video above will definitely change your mind. Jeffries claims it took four and a half hours to fix the device, so readers have to give him credit for the fact that he pared the entire process down to a 19-minute video.

source: Hugh Jeffreys