Monday, July 22, 2024

The White House has denied reports that Vladimir Putin is ill


In an article published this week, the weekly “Newsweek” announced that Vladimir Putin had been diagnosed with cancer, according to a US intelligence report. The White House denies the existence of such a statement.

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In the midst of the war with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s health remains a mystery. On Thursday, June 2, the White House denied the US weekly report Newsweek (In English) The Russian president is said to be suffering from cancer “In the advanced stage”.

The newspaper refers to a classified US intelligence report, which it lacks, according to the National Security Council, the US president’s body. Citing three U.S. intelligence sources, the weekly confirms that the Russian president was hospitalized in April for the illness. The magazine also cites the last public appearance of the Kremlin leader, his lack of contact with his authors and long tables to separate guests.

“Reports that there is such an intelligence assessment and that it has been explained to the President are not true.”The National Security Council reacted.

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