February 24, 2024

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“There is no reason to discuss anything,” Viktor Orbán says at the start of the European Council summit – liberation

“There is no reason to discuss anything,” Viktor Orbán says at the start of the European Council summit – liberation

War between Ukraine and RussiaDocument

A Hungarian prime minister close to the Kremlin is threatening to use his veto when EU member states decide on whether to open accession talks with Ukraine this Thursday.

Viktor Orban seems determined to play sports for twenty-seven. “There is no reason to discuss anything because the conditions are not met” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said this Thursday, December 14, at the start of the European Council summit in Brussels, that a decision should be made on the opening of accession negotiations and a financial aid package (50 billion euros) with Ukraine. It is. “This topic will come later” The nationalist leader estimated, without mentioning the March 2024 deadline set by the European Commission.

Will Orbán bow to pressure from his European allies, as he has done in the past? Against what warranties? On Wednesday, his country released 10.2 billion euros from the European Commission – 21 billion of which is still withheld due to numerous violations of the rule of law – a decision that sparked outrage from MEPs. “Blackmail”. “We’re not here to give Orban something.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte thundered. “We will work hard” He added, without elaborating on the contours of a possible compromise, to find a solution. “Unity [de l’UE] important”, The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metzola emphasized.

Without twenty-seven’s help, “Surely We Can’t Succeed”

Joseph Borrell, Head of European Diplomacy, “Continuity and Ascension” Aid to Ukraine is a “The Existential Question” For the European Union. But the consensus among the twenty-seven, which is necessary to reach an agreement, remains uncertain for European leaders at the moment. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, baffled by an ineffective counter-offensive and negative signals from Washington, where the majority of the Republican Party of Representatives hesitated to vote for a new aid package, assures his part that Ukraine has met all the conditions demanded by Brussels. to start the process. Without this help, “Of course we can’t win” Volodymyr Zelensky was remembered in Oslo on Wednesday.

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As the crucial summit began in Brussels, President Vladimir Putin, close to Orban, assured from Moscow that Russia was confident enough. “go ahead”. Peace will come “Denazification” And this “Militarization” of Ukraine, the Kremlin master insisted.