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Things to remember from Monday 23 October


As the UN has called for a ceasefire, strikes in the Gaza Strip continue to intensify.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel continues to escalate. As the Israeli army has stepped up its attacks in the Gaza Strip, the UN “Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire”. The US is demanding the release of all hostages in Gaza ahead of any discussion. The two female hostages were released this Monday, October 23. Here’s what to remember for the day.

Israel has intensified attacks on the Gaza Strip

Israel intensified its attacks on the Gaza Strip on Monday, where more than 5,000 people have been killed according to Hamas since the war began 17 days ago. The Jewish state also confirmed that it was continuing its preparations ahead of a ground attack.

War between Hamas and Israel: How is the IDF preparing for an attack?

War between Hamas and Israel: How is the IDF preparing for an attack? – (France 2)

The prospect worries the international community, which fears the conflict could escalate. Iran, an ally of Hamas, has warned that the situation could become dangerous “Uncontrollable” In the Middle East, changed to a “Flammable material”.

Since October 15, the Israeli military has called on civilians in the north of the Gaza Strip, where the bombings are most intense, to flee to the south. But strikes also continue to affect the south, near the Egyptian border, where hundreds of thousands of displaced people have flocked.

Hamas released two new hostages

Two new hostages were released by Hamas, the International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed on Monday, October 23. Hamas’ armed wing said in a press release that they were two women. They were released for “humanitarian reasons,” Hamas added, without specifying their nationality.

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Hamas says the release was mediated by Qatar and Egypt. The ICRC says there is Assisted in the release of two additional hostages by transporting them out of Gaza. The release comes three days after two Americans. The ICRC also played a role in this first publication. About 220 Israeli, foreign or bilateral hostages have been identified by Israel.

UN calls for “ceasefire” in Gaza, US defers

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights made the call on Monday, October 23 “Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire” In Gaza, the call to create leaders “Bold Choice”. “Humanity must come first”Volger Turk insisted “Many civilians, including many children, have already lost their lives on both sides.”

For their part, the US demanded the release of all hostages in Gaza before a ceasefire could be discussed between Israel and Hamas. Finally, France makes a call “Humanitarian Ceasefire” This is to enable aid distribution in the Gaza Strip “Leading to a cease-fire”, Elizabeth Bourne declared before the National Assembly.

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