May 23, 2024

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Things to remember from Wednesday 22nd March

Things to remember from Wednesday 22nd March

The day was marked by Russian drone strikes in the Kiev and Zaporizhia region.

Reprisals, the end of one official visit and the beginning of another. Wednesday, March 22 was particularly marked by Russian drone attacks, which killed many people in the regions of Kyiv and Zaporizhia (Ukraine). Volodymyr Zelensky replied that Kev would respond “All attacks from Moscow”. Francinfo takes on this New Day clash.

The ICC was targeted by “threats” after its arrest warrant

The International Criminal Court (ICC) condemned “threat” emanating from Russia against its members, as well “Proceedings Announced Against Prosecutors and Judges Involved in Issuing Arrest Warrants in the Situation in Ukraine”. The threat follows an arrest warrant he issued against Vladimir Putin for the war crime of “deporting” Ukrainian children. In a press release, the ICC’s Legislative Council condemned this “Attempts to Obstruct International Efforts to Secure Accountability for Acts Prohibited by Public International Law”.

Zelensky visits the front

The visit is very symbolic. The Ukrainian president went to the front line in the Bakhmoud region, the epicenter of fighting in eastern Ukraine, and then to Kharkiv. The trip comes as the city is claimed by pro-Russian separatists fighting alongside the Russian military “almost surrounded”. This is his second visit to this part of the front, having already visited in December 2022.

Kyiv will “respond to all attacks” from Moscow

The president of Ukraine also said that his country “Retaliation to all attacks” Russians. “We will firmly respond to the aggressors for all attacks against our cities (…) All Russian attacks will receive a military, political and legal response”He promised in his daily address. “Russia will lose this war”He continued.

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The report follows Russian drone strikes. The latter claimed the lives of at least seven civilians in the Kiev region, and crashed head-on into a residential building in Zaporizhia (Middle East), killing at least one person and injuring dozens.

Russia condemns drone attack

For its part, there is the Russian Navy “Driven Out” The city’s governor announced a drone attack on the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Moscow. “They tried to enter our bay and our sailors fired at them with small arms. Air defense also worked”Mikhail Rasvozhayev, the governor installed by Russia, said in a telegram.

Conclusion of Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow

The Chinese president’s official visit to Russia is focused on strengthening ties with Vladimir Putin The result is Xi Jinping’s flight They were greeted by an honor guard who played national anthems from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on Wednesday morning, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

The trip is closely scrutinized by Washington, which determines that Russian-Chinese rapprochement is similar. “Marriage of Convenience” instead “faith”, according to Anthony Blinken, head of US diplomacy. According to him, Beijing has not yet supplied Moscow with lethal weapons amid the war in Ukraine. “Russia is clearly the junior partner in this relationship.”He joked.