April 22, 2024

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Three weeks before the Winter Olympics the maximum was a Govt-19 infection

Athletes and delegates have already begun arriving in the capital ahead of the Games. They immediately enter the tightly controlled bubble.

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A Three weeks of the Winter Olympics in its soil, Which is an achievement that China would do without. The number of Govt-19 cases reached its highest level in the country on Monday, January 17, after March 2020. Some 223 new cases have been reported, including 80 in the port city of Tianjin and nine in Omigron, south of Guangzhou.

A further 68 cases have been reported in the central province of Henan, where area control measures and a massive check campaign have been launched for millions of residents. Zhuhai, on the Macau border, began a city-wide search on Monday, asking residents to avoid leaving the city after finding a few omega cases. Schools are closed. Meanwhile, in the historic city of Xian in the north of the country, new infections have dropped sharply after nearly a month in prison.

Athletes and delegates have already begun to arrive in the capital before the games, immediately entering the tightly controlled bubble, which completely separates them from the rest of the population. Beijing now requires a negative test before the trip and a follow-up test after arrival, and residents are urged not to leave the city during the upcoming lunar New Year holidays.