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Tour de Martinique 2022 in skiffs: William Saurin / Miltis wins stage 6 in Rivière-Pilot

Tour de Martinique 2022 in skiffs: William Saurin / Miltis wins stage 6 in Rivière-Pilot

This Saturday August 6, 2022 at Anse Figuier beach in Riviere-Pilot, Yole William Sarin / Miltis win. Non/automated delivery easily retains its top spot in the general category.

Stage 6 was delayed with a caution due to heavy rain at Diamond Beach around 10am. “We will not take the risk of exposing couriers unnecessarily“, explains Eric Ackley, the race director. Once the drift has passed, the Yolbers of the 14 entered boats are definitely tired, but ready to go to the end of the race.

At the start of the race there is absolutely no wind, and it is the sculling experts who work to propel the skift forward. William Sarin / Miltis (Francois) takes the lead for the Couriers after a very complicated and frustrating early days.

Just before arriving at Sainte-Luce, the wind picked up and tactics were changed accordingly.

At the Sainte-Luce buoy, William Saurin / Miltis (François) is ahead of Gfa Caraïbes (Robert), Rosette / Orange Caraïbe (François), Sara / Autodistribution (Marin) and Ufr/Chanflor (Robert).

A second float, opposite the village of Sainte-Anne, did not change the order. The race is dominated by his team of Loic Maas and William Sarin / Miltis.

The third and final float of the day, in front of Anse Figuer in Riviere-Pilot, was first by William Sarin / Miltis.

Arriving at this beach in the city, William Sarin / Miltis wins.

  1. William Sarin / Miltis 2 hours 4′ 55″
  2. Gfa / Caribbean 0.54″
  3. Rosette /Caribbean Orange 1’28”
  4. Sara / Self Delivery 3’26”
  5. 5’32” in Ufr/ Chanflor
  6. Appaloosa/Vito/Ho-Hio-Hen Automobiles 9’11”
  7. Cfa / Umih training at 11
  8. CTDM/EDF at 12’43”.
  9. Mr Bricolage at 12’59”
  10. Macdonald 14’57”
  11. Price /Banamart 17’38”
  12. Elizé/Madiana at 21’02”
  13. SMEM/Solar inox/Limitless at 22’36”
  14. Royal Fruits of Martinique / Adebe
  1. Provisional classification after 6th stage.

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    Tomorrow (August 7, 2022), the 7th and last difficult stage of the 36th edition of the Tour between Riviere-Pilot and Le François will depart at 8:45am.

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