May 29, 2024

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Trump justifies arming civilians against “evil” after Texas massacre

Trump justifies arming civilians against “evil” after Texas massacre

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Shooting in Texas: Our File

An 18-year-old man opened fire on an elementary school on Tuesday, May 24, in Wolverhampton, Texas. At least 19 children and two adults have been killed in the shooting, which has sparked renewed gun controversy in the United States.

“The evils in our society are no reason to disarm law-abiding citizens,” the former president said. “The very existence of evil is the reason for arming law-abiding citizens.” The NRA, which claims five million members, said guns in the room would be banned because of the former head of state’s speech and to ensure his safety.

Making schools safer

Donald Trump has accused his successor, Joe Biden, and Democrats of politically exploiting the “tears of grieving families” by trying to pass gun laws. For calls to control the number of guns, Conservatives oppose the argument that the United States should provide better treatment for mental health problems, Donald Trump specifically stressed on Friday.

The former White House tenant described the shooting as “uncontrollable moaning”. “He will burn in hell,” he promised. The former real estate tycoon called for increased security in American schools, recommending the installation of “strong fences” and metal detectors in front of companies and arming teachers.

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