May 26, 2024

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Tunisia: Messi separates himself from Ennada and integrates himself with the will of the people

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On the evening of Monday, July 26, 2021, Hischem Messichi issued a press release commenting on his ouster from the presidency of President Sasid’s government, saying: Has decided.

In his statement, Hichem Meccici, unlike the Islamic Ennada party, decided that he should not stick to his post, or hold any other responsibility: “For the protection of all Tunisians, as I have always done, I stand by the people and their rights.He wrote.

«I have earned the honor of having served Tunisia from many positions and I will remain true to my duties regardless of my position. I have accepted my responsibilities as Head of Government as the country is going through a very difficult period in its history. ”He further added that the failure, especially citing the economic and social crisis, was due to the policies pursued by each other when he accepted his post.

“This crisis, exacerbated by the corona virus epidemic, has sustained my team and I have faced tough choices in protecting the health of citizens and their livelihoods. What motivated us to make unpopular but necessary decisions.”, Adds Messi, confirms that he understands what Tunisians are feeling, especially the sense of despair, long and in vain, waiting for the situation to improve: “It has created distrust in the political class and in the various governments that have won.

Finally, the ousted head of state says he does not want to be. “A destructive element or part of the problem that complicates the situation in Tunisia“He decided to hand over the administration of the government to a person appointed by the President: “As always, I connect myself with our people and their rights.”


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