April 18, 2024

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Ukraine has released pictures of trenches dug by the Russians in the polluted Chernobyl forest

Ukraine has released pictures of trenches dug by the Russians in the polluted Chernobyl forest

The Red Forest, located near the Chernobyl power plant, has one of the highest pollution rates in the world. This is where the debris fell when the nuclear reactor exploded in 1986.

It gets its name from the color the trees take when exposed to radiation. Located near the Red Forest Former Chernobyl nuclear power plant, The worst nuclear accident in history in 1986. It is one of the most radioactive areas in the world. This did not stop the Russians from digging trenches there as part of the invasion of Ukraine, as confirmed on Wednesday, video in support of Ukrainian civil servants.

Forts and moats

On February 24, the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s forces seized control of the former nuclear plant, which is now surrounded by a 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Five weeks later, the same Russian troops announced their departure from the plant. To justify this emergency trip, the local media pointed out what kind of radiation the soldiers would be exposed to, unaware of the accident that took place there. In the process, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that it would launch an investigation to confirm or substantiate these allegations.

On April 1, BFMTV reported that Pedro Kodin, head of the state-owned Ukrainian Atomic Energy Agency, said that “many Russian soldiers have begun building forts in this highly radioactive forest.”

“The Russians entered the most radioactive territory during the disaster. This is where the pieces of fuel fell after the explosion. There are also places where most of the radioactive waste (. ..) is buried.

A disgusting video

Until now, there have been some details in the media about these “forts” being dug by the Russians. But this Wednesday, Ukrainian civil servants posted a video of the Red Forest on his Facebook account, where we could clearly see traces of military occupation of the site. The video, which appears to have been shot by a drone, is characterized by a metal sarcophagus covering the furnace No. 4, tilting its lens to show its immediate proximity to the plant.

“Video Confirmation: The Russians dug trenches and captives (military forts, fortifications) around the Chernobyl region”, explains the title that accompanies the video.

Evidence that forts have been dug in the Red Fort jungle indicates that Russian soldiers have been exposed to significant amounts of radiation. As reported Reuters news agencyThe brick forest is considered to be so polluted that even the employees working at Chernobyl are not allowed to go there even if they have special permission.

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An employee of the old plant told the news agency that the convoy of Russian vehicles had also contributed to the increase in radiation levels.

“A large convoy of military vehicles used a road behind the plant, and this road goes in front of the Red Forest. The convoy kicked off a considerable amount of dust. Many inventors detected increased levels of radiation,” a-he pointed out.

Documents were destroyed

The March 2016 report by the Atomic Energy Radiation Protection Agency (IRSN) illustrates the risk of the site. “In Chernobyl, the forest, which occupies 53% of the 2600 km2 area established after the accident, suffered irreversible damage. 75% of trees turn brown, 95% of growth is affected, during clearing operations, dead trees are cut down and buried in an area of ​​4 km 2, Refers to the post.

The Ukrainian government agency in charge of the Chernobyl exemption zone has shared on Facebook several photos of the site vacated by its Russian occupiers. There are many destructions of installations and files.