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Ukraine victory, what rankings for France?


Eurovision. The band Kalush, which represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2022, won. Their portrait and ranking.

07:44 – What is the Ukrainian song “Stefania” about on Eurovision?

“Stefania”, the title of the Ukrainian group Kalush Band, A tribute to the singer’s mother, Ole PC. But since Russia’s invasion of the country, many have seen it as a mother figure, a symbol of Ukraine’s patriotism. The war in Ukraine is on everyone’s mind tonight. After the song contest, the band members will return to their home countries to join the forces fighting against Russia. One of the dancers stayed in Kiev to defend the Ukrainian capital.

07:12 – What is the ranking of France in Eurovision?

We expected it, but France did not have much success at Eurovision this year. At the end of the count France scored 17 points. It was not enough to win because it only advanced to the finals rather than Germany.

06:46 – Get back to Eurovision’s best moments

This 2022 edition of Eurovision, stopped by colorful numbers ranging from ballads to rock and roll songs, is as real work in colorful costumes and visuals as ever. Re-enjoy the best moments of this 2022 edition of Eurovision Click here.

06:31 – Which countries are in the top 3 of Eurovision?

Ukraine beat Eurovision and climbed to the first place with 641 points. On the podium, we saw the United Kingdom and Spain with 466 and 459 points respectively. They overtook Sweden and Serbia.

06:14 – Who is the winner of the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra?

Kalush Orchestra is the Ukrainian band that won Eurovision in 2022. It was created in 2019 and released two albums and was declared the biggest winner of this 66th edition. After the song contest, the band members will return to their home countries to join the forces fighting against Russia. One of them stayed in Kiev to defend the Ukrainian capital.

06:00 – Ukraine wins Eurovision

This is a success, not surprisingly. Ukraine, which has been declared a favorite for several weeks, beat Eurovision this Saturday, May 14, 2022. The hit was won by the rap band Kalush Orchestra, who sang “Stefania”.

01:30 – What is Eurovision’s hit song “Stefania” about?

The end of life. Ukraine beat Eurovision with the title “Stefania”. The song pays homage to the singer’s mother. But the colorful songs give a new descriptive point to the area, making Ukraine feel like the mother figure inspired by the song. Ukraine’s victory is a symbol of the country occupied by Vladimir Putin’s forces. Below, restore Ukraine’s performance on Eurovision.

01:15 – Portrait of Kalush Band, the winning band of Eurovision 2022

In this the Kalush Orchestra sought victory for Ukraine Eurovision 2022. The band was created in 2019 before releasing two albums in 2021. They performed the title “Stefania” on stage in Turin, which pays homage to the singer’s mother, but is considered a maternal figure in Ukraine, which is currently at war with Russia. .

01:10 – What is the best ranking for this Eurovision 2022?

Ukraine was crowned the biggest winner in Eurovision 2022 with 631 points, thanks to the great support of the public. It is ahead of England (466 points) and Sweden (459 points). France, meanwhile, finished second with 17 points.

01:05 – Kalush band singer “Viv L’Ukraine” drops out

Ukraine’s victory in Eurovision is very symbolic of that country. The singer of the Kalush band thanked the organizers and the public for their support before releasing the widely acclaimed “Viv L ‘Ukraine”.

01:02 – Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022

With 631 points, Ukraine was crowned the biggest winner of Eurovision 2022. The Kalush band is giving its country its third Eurovision hit.

00:59 – Spain will not be crowned winners

Spain scored a total of 459 points, which did not allow them to overtake Ukraine and their 631 points. We are still waiting for points from the United Kingdom and Sweden to overtake Ukraine in the rankings.

00:56 – Ukraine scored a record 439 points from the public

This Eurovision was expected to be Ukraine’s favorite for 2022, with particular support as the country is at war with Russia. The general public gave Ukraine 439 points, which leads the country. This is an achievement in the history of Eurovision and no country has received so many points from the public. In total, Ukraine scored 631 points.

00:51 – Serbia lead!

Serbia captivated the audience with its socially involved song about public health and hygiene. He tops the table with 312 points. We do not yet know the number of points awarded to the big favorites, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain or Ukraine.

00:49 – Last known countries in the rankings

We know the countries that are at the bottom of the Eurovision 2022 rankings. Germany is in last place with 6 points and France is in last place with 17 points. They are followed by Romania, Belgium, Armenia, Finland, the Czech Republic and Iceland.

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France was represented at Eurovision 2022 by the Breton team Alvan and Ahes. The organization has four members: the female trio Ahes Marine Lavigne, Stern Tridollo and musician Alexis Morven-Rosius, also known as Stern Le Guillo and Alvan. They were selected on March 5 during the “Eurovision France: You Decide” show. The tricolor group performed the song “Fullen” on the Turin stage, meaning “spark” and “beautiful woman” in Breton. With 17 points, Alvan & Ahes finished 24th out of 25 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It is Mary Miriam’s success that France has not won at Eurovision since 1977.

Who won Eurovision 2022? Broadcast live from Turin on Saturday, May 14, 2022, the Eurovision final allowed 25 countries to shine, but Ukraine received the most points from the participating countries. Following that, England finished second, followed by Spain. France, meanwhile, finished 17th.

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