June 16, 2024

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UN  EU pledges to ‘oppose any abuse’ by Russia as head of Security Council

UN EU pledges to ‘oppose any abuse’ by Russia as head of Security Council

A surplus of grain on the world market is weighing on Ukraine’s much-needed goodwill and neighboring markets.

Neighboring Poland and Ukraine agreed to help sell its grain stocks on world markets after the Russian invasion blocked its exports. Some of this supply is now concentrated in Eastern Europe and threatens local livelihoods.

Many farmers have suspended harvesting in anticipation of higher prices. Conversely, a broader global recession has caused grain values ​​to fall, with farmers in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria facing lower incomes.

Five Central European countries called on the European Commission a few days ago to set up additional aid for farmers in these countries affected by large imports, particularly of grain from Ukraine, which could disrupt local markets.

“We call for the establishment of additional financial resources, in addition to the planned emergency measures, to support agricultural producers who are at risk of losses and loss of financial liquidity”The heads of the Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian governments and the Bulgarian president wrote.

Farmers’ protests have been organized in Poland for some time, while wheat transferred from Ukraine to the rest of the world is often left behind, causing a concentration of pits and a significant drop in its price. Also, all five countries asked the commission“Explore the possibility of buying surplus grain from neighboring Member States for humanitarian purposes”.

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