Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Unruly and wild weather in southern Europe


A heat wave affects southern Turkey and storms cause damage in Spain.


Countries like France and Germany are still waiting for summer to arrive. Turkey itself He has been suffering from sunburn for a few days.

In the western and southern coasts of the country, temperatures will be 8 to 12 degrees above seasonal norms, and the thermometer is expected to continue to soar up to 40 degrees.

The heatwave will hit the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean until the end of the week.

Spain under storms

Meanwhile, in SpainWe are trying to recover from a powerful storm that has engulfed cities in the region Murcia in the southeast of the country.

Several rivers overflowed, muddied streets and caught residents by surprise.

Farmers were hit hard, with some losing entire crops within hours.

All the olives were thrown away along with the vegetables grown here. All were destroyedAn urban farmer explains Kalaspara.

Finally, Palma Airport on the island of Mallorca was completely flooded. Pictures posted on social media showed tracks covered in 50cm of water.

Flights were canceled and the interior of the airport suffered considerable damage.

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