April 22, 2024

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US assistance also includes reinforcements for missile defense and mine clearance

US assistance also includes reinforcements for missile defense and mine clearance

Details of Washington’s support for Kyiv. In A hint Released on Thursday, September 7, the Pentagon provides a summary of the new military aid package provided to Ukraine as part of that country’s Defense Assistance Initiative (USAI). To counter a Russian invasion, Ukrainian troops will soon receive reinforcements for air defense systems, additional ammunition for HIMARS rocket launchers and demining equipment. According to the Pentagon, the amount of this assistance is estimated at $600 million. Follow our live stream.

The Kremlin has criticized new arms deliveries to Ukraine. The decision, announced by Washington on Wednesday, is to supply depleted uranium munitions to Q. “Perceived very negatively in Moscow”says a spokesman for Kremlin Thursday. These weapons can penetrate armor, but their use is controversial due to toxic hazards. They have their uses “Leading to a frenzied uprising” Cancers in the past, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Thursday. It is a for him “Very Bad News”, whose “The responsibility falls on America”, he concluded. Follow our live stream.

Anthony Blinken visits the “caves of death” in Ukraine. The US Secretary of State visited Yakutne in the Chernihiv region, where villagers were being held in the basement of a school by Russian soldiers. Eleven people died. “Through this, we see something incredibly powerful, namely the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian people.” Antony Blinken said during his fourth visit since Russia’s invasion of the country began.

The counterattack advances from “100 meters a day”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this Thursday during his hearing Before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Ukrainians faced numerous mines “Succeeded in breaking through the defense lines of the Russian forces”Jens Stoltenberg stressed the welcome “The Importance of Support” NATO’s kyiv was brought.

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Kamala Harris and Sergey Lavrov meet in Jakarta. The Chinese premier will be joined by the US vice president and the Russian diplomatic chief on Thursday at the Southeast Asia Summit. Earlier in the day, the latter warned the powers against their growing rivalries, at the risk of provoking “The New Cold War”.

The drone war continues. On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that three drones had been shot down by air defenses, two in the southwestern Rostov region and another in the Ramensky district southeast of Moscow. Earlier in the day, a Russian drone explosion killed one person in the Odesa region (southwest of Ukraine), where port infrastructure needed for wheat exports continues to suffer.