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VideoGameDunkey makes a surprise appearance at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

VideoGameDunkey makes a surprise appearance at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

published: 2023-04-20 T06:34:05

updated: 2023-04-20 T06:34:14

Popular YouTube game VideoGameDunkey made a surprise appearance at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase to introduce the creator of the indie game, Animal Well.

Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase was played in front of a huge audience. The purpose of the show was to provide viewers information about the indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. Games like PlateUp! Cult of the Lamb was featured throughout the show as Nintendo teased what was to come for its home console.

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However, a surprise appearance from a well-known YouTuber has landed among the slew of indie titles. VideoGameDunkey Viewers were shocked when they randomly appeared in the middle of the show.

Dunkey was there to introduce the creator of the indie video game ANIMAL WELL, Billy Basso.

For those unaware, Dunkey owns a game publishing company called Bigmode, and they are the responsible publishers of ANIMAL WELL. As such, they were there to promote the game and show what they were working on.

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Dunkey’s appearance was rather brief, however, and came with the classic intro, “Hi, I’m Funny Guy Video Game Donkey from BigMode Publishing” declared the YouTuber as he tossed plate by plate of paper off screen.

“Join me today from the creator of ANIMAL WELL, Billy Basso.”

Basso continued to explain their role as the creator of ANIMAL WELL, while Dunkey started stepping over rocks in a pond in the background.

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The designer explained his experience with the title, “I’ve been working on ANIMAL WELL for over 5 years at this point, all on his own making everything that goes into the game, including the engine. I’ve been trying to give people the experience of finding something new where they’ve already been.” Before. Pretty much somewhere full of mysteries that you want to come back to again and again.”

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ANIMAL WELL has been revealed to be available on Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2024.