Thursday, July 25, 2024

Volodymyr Zelensky promises Russia will face “catastrophe” in 2024


“We will never go back,” warns Vladimir Putin in his New Year's address

The Russian president vowed on Sunday that his country would not “Go back[ait] never”In his New Year speech. “We have proven time and again that we can solve the most difficult tasks and that we will never back down because no force can separate us”He declared.

Although Vladimir Putin did not directly address the conflict in Ukraine, which began almost two years ago, he made several references to it, for example, paying tribute to the soldiers. “Our Heroes”.

But unlike last year, when the president appeared in military uniform, this time he declared that it would be 2024. “family”, in front of the traditional Kremlin backdrop. In 2023, “We staunchly defended our national interests, our freedom and our security, our values”Taking into account the difference in time zones with Moscow, he said in the speech, which was first broadcast in the Russian Far East.

The President promised a living Russia “A Historical Phase”fiancee “even stronger” Next year.

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