May 26, 2024

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War in Gaza: Benjamin Netanyahu under threat of international arrest warrant

War in Gaza: Benjamin Netanyahu under threat of international arrest warrant

Benjamin Netanyahu particularly fears an arrest warrant against him by the International Criminal Court, which has announced that it is considering such a possibility in the context of the submission of genocide charges against Gaza to the International Court of Justice. To counter such an attempt, which could target the Israeli defense minister and IDF chief of staff, the prime minister launched an all-out diplomatic offensive, increasing contacts to rally support, particularly in Washington.

In a tweet published on Friday, the head of the Israeli government condemned the threats against him, declaring: “Under my leadership, Israel will never accept any attempt by the Criminal Court at The Hague to undermine its fundamental right to defend itself. Israel, the only Jewish state in the Middle East, the only democratic country, calls us We will not win against the despicable terrorists who seek to destroy us.Stop defending ourselves.

Analysts say the Israeli government's recent decision to authorize visits by ICC judges and observers to jailed terrorists from Hamas's Nukba force, who were on the front lines during the October 7 massacres, contributes to this effort to appease the Hague-wiss. . The same goes for the content of Egypt's new proposal for a ceasefire, in which Jerusalem would trigger the end of the war for the first time. The consequences of such an arrest warrant would be particularly severe for Benjamin Netanyahu, who could see his ability to travel abroad severely curtailed.