June 13, 2024

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War in Ukraine: A Russian news agency misrepresented an article announcing a military victory, which was prepared in advance.

War in Ukraine: A Russian news agency misrepresented an article announcing a military victory, which was prepared in advance.

It was published incorrectly on Saturday morning, the day after the invasion of Ukraine, and was quickly removed, an article produced by the official Russian news agency RIA Novosti on the occasion of the victory. It was online to the extent of leaving its identity, the BBC reveals. It says a lot about the military and ideological goals of the Russian invasion.

Cache Google, copy some sites online in a very short time, an article prepared for success in Ukraine, gives an idea of ​​the mood of the Russian regime before the invasion of Ukraine, Reveals the BBC.

Signed by Petr Akopov and entitled “A New World Order”, this text is the initial plan for the invasion, the purpose sought in the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation and relations with Western Europe, especially Germany, and France. It also points to how Putin’s experience of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been experienced. Here are the main symptoms.

1. A crime aimed at quick success

The article, which was supposed to celebrate the victory, was mistakenly published at 8 a.m. Saturday. This confirms that the Russian strategy bet on the quickest victory in 48 hours. The capture of the airport near Kiev in the early hours of the morning, which entered into this logic, ended in failure. Could not land forces large enough to capture the heart of power. A troop transport plane was shot down. As for the mechanized forces from Belarus, they arrived very late.

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The Russians therefore underestimated the Ukrainian resistance and the plan of invasion failed in its first draft.

2. Meaning of Invasion: Back to 1991 situation

Let us remember that the subject of the article was taken as a victory, which says a lot about the mood of the Russian power and the goals pursued.. “Russia is in the process of restoring its historical unity: the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe in our history, this unnatural variation, has been overcome.”. 1991 is the year of the end of the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine and many republics.

The confusion between the former Soviet Union and “Great Russia” is complete. “No more anti-Russian Ukraine”Along with “Now this is not a problem: Ukraine returns to Russia”.

Ukraine’s desire for independence, the evolution of Ukrainian society towards the European and democratic way of life that has been structured for 30 years, was destroyed in support of a return to an unchanging history: “It can be said without exaggeration that Vladimir Putin accepted a historic responsibility by deciding that the solution to the Ukrainian problem should not be left to future generations.”.

The military defeat is therefore considered to be a misunderstanding of the current political situation in Ukraine. It is therefore not surprising that neither the opposition of the Ukrainian troops nor the decision of the government in Kiev was expected.

3. A geopolitical vision and belief in a historical mission

In the article, the fate of the Ukrainian people is viewed only through geopolitical considerations. “Did anyone in Paris and Berlin seriously believe that Moscow would abandon Kiev? … Let alone take Ukraine for granted.

The same is true for Europe. It is only an extension of the hegemony of the United Kingdom and the United States. “As long as there is Anglo-Saxon ideological, military and geopolitical control over the old world, the German plan for European integration will have no strategic meaning.”

On the contrary, Russian space, recreated by the conquest of Ukraine, will find its place somewhere. “New World Order”. The capture of Ukraine was to send a message to the world: “China and India, Latin America and Africa, the Islamic world and Southeast Asia – no one believes that the world order is ruled by the West, let alone setting the rules of the game.”

In this new game, there is no EU. Very little if not France within the perimeter of an Anglo-Saxon sphere in the process of decay and the Russian Renaissance. The support given to some of his policies sheds a new light on this worldview.

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4. Confused text for sequence of events

In any case this text is very worrying. He never considers the EU a credible actor, completely ignores the aspirations of the Ukrainian people and, above all, the move contributes almost mechanically to the recovery of the Russian and Pan-Slavic program.

However, with the exception of Belarus, Russia today is rejected by the West, including the countries it counts on in its natural sphere of influence. The perceived humiliation, and the fact that the invasion of Ukraine was to be rectified, could only be emphasized by the very strong reaction of the Europeans. Frustration was heightened by the fact that the military operation did not achieve its original objectives.

The gap between the world view of the Russian elite shown in this text and the view of the rest of Europe is enormous. It is a breeding ground for a serious reversal of urgency.