June 16, 2024

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We tried the new "Grimace Birthday" milkshake from McDonald's.  Here's What We Learned - NBC Chicago

We tried the new “Grimace Birthday” milkshake from McDonald’s. Here’s What We Learned – NBC Chicago

Some birthdays come with cake. Some come with cake. But this one, which celebrates fan-favorite Purple McDonald’s, comes up with something even hotter.

Earlier this week, Chicago-based McDonald’s launched the special edition “Grimace Birthday Meal and Shake” that comes with medium fries, a choice of a Big Mac or a 10-Piece Chicken McNugget, a Grimace-approved purple milkshake—ingredients of ” In the name of the McDonald’s restaurant chain smooth vanilla and raspberry flavors.

birthday treat or not, jolt He found both lovers and haters on social media.

One of the tweets reads: “Happy birthday, Grimace.” “Your long-awaited signature shake tastes chemically purple, and I kind of like it.”

“My daughter just got one, thinking it would be too sweet and berry-colored and she wouldn’t like it. I tasted it,” reads a caption on NBC’s Facebook. “It’s really good. More vanilla than berry. Of course it’s sweet, bc it’s whipped. But it’s also delicious.”

But others got more description.

And someone wrote in response: “Children’s grapes told me Claritin.”

Those looking to purchase the meal can expect to spend about $15, however, the price is set by “each restaurant individually and may vary based on location,” says McDonald’s.

And while the shake is meant to be served with the rest of Grimace’s birthday special menu, “shake requests can only be fulfilled by speaking with a member of our crew” in person at participating restaurants, the chain adds.

Although Grimace’s exact birth date is still unknown, what is clear is that the creature was first introduced as a McDonaldland character in June of 1971, and is said to blossom as a young 52-year-old.

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“Our fans have amazing childhood memories of their birthdays at McDonald’s…and Grimmas’ Birthday is about honoring the wonderful and fun moments we all share,” said Tariq Hassan, President of Marketing and Customer Experience for McDonald’s USA, in a statement. .

According to officials, the “Grimace birthday meal and shake” will be available at participating restaurants for a limited time, until supplies last.

But Grimace isn’t the only pillow-shaped item arriving in McDonald’s meals this year.

Starting in late 2023, McDonald’s will begin introducing the popular Squishmallows as well as Happy Meals across the country.

According to Toymaker Jazwares, later this year Happy Meals will offer one of 24 exclusive Squishmallows, with each participating McDonald’s location offering between 10 and 12 designs. In addition, 14 Squishmallows will also include a digital themed playlist, which can be accessed via QR code and aims to “capture the excitement and energy of each Squishmallow character.”

“This Happy Meal campaign brings the worlds of McDonald’s, Squishmallows and music together to elevate the fan experience and advance our iconic Happy Meal brand in culture,” reads a statement from Jennifer Delvecchio, McDonald’s Director of Global Campaigns and Alliances.

According to officials, Squishmallows will be available at participating locations while supplies last. No specific start date was provided.