February 29, 2024

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“We're Depressed”: Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Losing Window In Mid-Air

“We're Depressed”: Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Losing Window In Mid-Air

An Alaska Airlines flight in the United States turned into a nightmare this Friday, January 5, 2024, when part of the plane flew off in mid-air, engulfing passengers' personal belongings and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. .

A disaster scene. Passengers aboard Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 faced a major scare this Friday, January 5, 2024. The Ontario (California)-bound flight took off from Portland International Airport at 4:52 pm on Friday, but returned 35 minutes later after a part of the plane broke. Mid-flight, reports CNN.

Shortly after takeoff, a panel of the fuselage, including a window panel, was actually severed, passenger Kyle Ringer told CNN.

Passengers described the chaos as passengers' cellphones and belongings were sucked through the plane's hatch.

“It was horrible. I got high and the window came loose. I didn't notice it until the oxygen masks came off,” Mr Ringer said.

Firefighters were called to assess minor injuries after the landing, but there were no serious injuries.

Alaska Airlines confirmed an incident on flight 1282 from Portland to Ontario, but did not immediately provide details on the nature of the incident.

“There was a very loud explosion at the rear of the plane.”

“We are in an emergency situation, we are depressed, we need to return to base, we have 177 passengers,” the pilot informed air traffic control after receiving clearance to descend to altitude.

Evan Smith, a passenger on the flight, told CNN he was seated at least six rows in front of the area where the incident occurred. “There was a very loud bang towards the back of the plane, a bang and all the masks came off,” Mr Smith said.

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Alaska Airlines said it is investigating the matter and will release more information as it becomes available.