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West Bank/Hawara attack: Two Israelis wounded, wounded


Two people were killed on Sunday when terrorists belonging to the Lions Den opened fire on an Israeli-owned vehicle. The victims were identified as Hillel Menahem Yaniv and Yigal Yaakov Yaniv, two brothers aged 19 and 21, according to local authorities.

“The terrorists drove up to the Einbus intersection and opened fire on a passing Israeli vehicle. Two civilians were injured and evacuated to hospital,” the Israeli army said in a statement. But they died without treatment. The roads in the area have been blocked and the army is actively searching for the terrorists.

The Samaria Regional Council earlier said the victims were Jews and that it was a terrorist attack.

“Unfortunately, this is a very difficult moment. The government must change the paradigm and move from defense to attack. In the middle of the night, terrorists cannot be allowed to open fire on innocent civilians,” said leader Yosi Tagan. The Samaria Regional Council visited the scene of the attack.

“The aggression of extremism proves that deterrence is not possible. The rules on firing must be changed. […]The people of Israel and the people of Samaria are strong and we will not submit to the murderous terror of the Palestinian Authority,” he said.

Hamas spokesman Hashem Qassim praised the attack. “Operation Hawara is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation, the latest of which is the Nablus massacre. The protests in the West Bank will remain and intensify, and no plan or summit can stop it,” he declared.

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The gunfire came as Palestinian and Israeli officials began a “political-security” meeting in the Jordanian city of Aqaba on Sunday to discuss peace in the territories after days of deadly violence.

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