May 29, 2024

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What do you know about foreign particles found in American company sizes

The suspension of millions of Moderna doses in Japan after the discovery of hitherto unidentified foreign bodies raises questions, concerns and rumors. Although the origin and harm of these particles are not known precisely, France is not concerned and decoders are involved.

On August 16, the Japanese pharmaceutical group Daketa reported that the US team in the archipelago had imported and distributed the vaccine from Moderna and had discovered it. “Foreign matter” 57,000 bottles or 39 bottles equivalent to approximately 570,000 doses.

On August 26, Japan blocked the administration of three complete volumes of Moderna, equivalent to a dose of 1.63 million, after the discovery of foreign objects in the other two volumes.

Over the next weekend, two men, aged 30 and 38, respectively – die after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine from one of these three blocks, which is suspended. An additional million bottles were suspended on August 30.

  • What is the nature of these “foreign bodies”?

These take on different shapes, often in the form of a black object, very rarely pink. They are much smaller than sesame seeds – less than a millimeter. They were like pieces of something, the bottle was floating when I shook it ”. Ishi Koki is a producer from Saitama Province National channel NHK quoted, Who found it in a bottle.

The Ministry of Health considers some lessons “Probably metal”, Because they react in the presence of a magnet, but their nature has not yet been officially reported, the investigation is ongoing. At this point, there is no evidence that it is graphene, which is a pure carbon conductive element that has been highly appreciated in the industry since the 2010s and is a summer material. Too many videos hijacked And unsubstantiated rumors.

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Not all foreign bodies found have the same appearance. On August 31, Japanese Health Minister Norihisa Tamura said that in some cases, such as Okinawa, needles improperly inserted into bottles could have broken pieces of rubber stopper.

  • Where do the “probably metal” particles come from?

Moderna Lab is leaning for a trace of a production defect. When the particles were accidentally packed in vials at Rovi’s Madrid plant, the Spanish pharmaceutical company, the US team, subcontracted a large part of the production of its vaccines. The Spanish company announced it would immediately launch an internal investigation. Its stock market price Lost 30% of its value In three days.

  • Are All Modern Vaccines Affected?

In the current state of knowledge, no. All cases listed are from Japan. Rovi, a Spanish company that compiles Moderna’s vaccines for areas other than the United States, confirms that the affected areas “Exclusively aimed at Japan”, According to a report Quoted by the local economic newspaper The capital is Madrid. South Korea has said it is not affected by the problem.

  • What are the health consequences?

They do not know. Thirty-one of the two vaccinated with one of the contaminated blocks died without proper connection, and an investigation should be conducted. The Ministry of Health said there was no evidence of contamination in the quantities. “In my opinion, it is unlikely that pollution by foreign materials directly led to sudden deaths”, Takahiro Kinoshita, a physician and vice president of Cow-Navi, a vaccine information group quoted by Reuters, recalled further investigations. “Absolutely necessary” To assess their harm.

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In Japan, where Govt-19 cases have risen since the Olympics, only 46% of the population is vaccinated, according to government figures. Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccine is one of three products used in conjunction with Pfizer-Bioendech and Astrogeneca.

As of August 8, 991 people in Japan had received Pfizer-Bioendech injections, and 11 died after 11 from Moderna. According to the Ministry of Health, no causal relationship has been established between injections and deaths. The minister in charge of the vaccination campaign said about 500,000 people had been vaccinated from Moderna’s first three suspended constituencies.

  • Do these particles magnetize you?

On social networks, many Internet users found evidence and explanation for this finding To the magnet of vaccinated people Against Govt-19. But this thesis is rare: particles smaller than a millimeter cannot have enough gravitational force to attract an object through the skin. “In order for it to stick, it has to be something that can be strongly magnetized on the shoulder, a piece of iron, a somewhat solid object, rather large.” It is not possible to inject further, he explained The world In June, Kamil Fadel became head of the physics department at Boyce Descovertes.

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