April 20, 2024

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What we know about Ukrainian “infiltration” in Russia

What we know about Ukrainian “infiltration” in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the attack on Thursday, March 2 “terrorist” After Moscow announced an incursion “Saboteurs” Ukrainians in the Bryansk region of southwestern Russia, bordering Ukraine. Russian officials blame it “Saboteurs” Kyiv denied the allegations that it had fired on a car in the village of Liobetsen.

Despite the gray areas surrounding it, this Ukrainian incursion was widely commented on by ultranationalist Russian Telegram channels or those close to the military. They spread rumors throughout the day, which were later denied: a shooting at a school bus, the death of a child, residents taken hostage… according to Russian officials. Cited by TASSTwo civilians were killed and an 11-year-old child was injured.

Inexplicably, Thursday’s firefights were the first reported on Russian Federation soil since the war began, marking a significant shift in Russian perceptions of the conflict. Days before launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, 2022, Moscow was already at a crude stage, instigating the infiltration of Ukrainian soldiers and armored vehicles into its territory – one episode among many. Prepare public opinion for the coming attack.

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Since then, apart from a few acts of sabotage, there have been only airstrikes: artillery strikes on military targets in border areas, sometimes with civilian casualties; Drone strikes on targets deep in Russian territory.

Escalation of Ukrainian attacks

Thursday’s events come as these attacks have intensified recently. Earlier this week, drones targeted multiple areas simultaneously and damaged an oil refinery in the port city of Tuapse, located on the Black Sea (Krasnodar region). First drone crash in Moscow Further north in the country, in St. Petersburg, airspace was closed for several hours on Tuesday, the military cited. “Exercises”.

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On Thursday, at the same time as the attacks in Briansk region, bombings were still reported in neighboring Kursk, which serves as a rear base for the Russian military. It has been reported that one of the civilians has died and another has been injured.

The FSB called for a response

In a televised speech, Vladimir Putin condemned the attack “Neo-Nazis” And “Terrorists” containing “Firing on civilians”. “We will crush them”He began.

In a speech to Russian political and military elites on Tuesday, the president demanded that the FSB — the security services — step up its efforts against terrorist threats and espionage efforts by Ukraine and the West. According to the Kremlin, Mr. Putin has canceled. “We are talking about a terrorist attack. Steps are being taken to destroy the terrorists.Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

In the evening, the FSB said that the situation “in control”, “Ukrainian Nationalists” were driven back to their country and targeted there “A massive artillery barrage”.

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Many voices in Russia are calling for increased bombing of Ukrainian cities, stronger military control of border areas, or measures aimed directly at the military and political command.

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This was asked by Vice-Chancellor Mikhail Delyakin “Dissolution [Volodymyr] Zelensky ». The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has called for martial law to be imposed in Russia’s south, while it remains in place only in areas annexed by Moscow. Any announcements will be made only on Friday, the day the National Security Council convenes.

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Russian provocation, Mr. According to Zelensky’s entourage

This is “History” of vandals “A deliberate, classic provocation. Russia wants to terrorize its people to justify it. His attack, responded on Twitter Michael PodoliakAdvisor to the President of Ukraine.

Russian opposition media Novaya Gazeta Europe and Michael ColborneBellingate NGO, however they claim that the operation was carried out by a certain Denis Nikitin. He is the founder of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), a far-right organization created in 2022 with ties to the Ukrainian military. But there is nothing to confirm that the members of this commando were acting on the orders of the Ukrainian army.

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According to Andrey YusovRepresentative of the Government of Ukraine, “The Russian Federation is an institution in which there are many conflicts today.” He explains about the Russian Volunteer Army: “They are fighting against the regime with arms in hand [Vladimir] Putin and his supporters… maybe the Russians have woken up, realized something and started taking action. »