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Who is the pro-coal Democratic senator Joe Mansin who is polluting the life of Joe Biden?

A coal in Joe Biden’s shoe. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has overturned the US president’s primary reform. On Sunday, December 19, the elected representative of West Virginia, a rural state in the eastern United States, by refusing to support the mega text of the “Built Back Better” Act, which includes social, economic and environmental measures, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are essential to the global effort to combat global warming. He absorbed the confidence of his party to establish.

With Democrats gaining a majority in the Senate, Joe Mans became the most powerful politician in the United States under President Biden: a roaring Kingmaker “I ‘The other president* “ In the corridors of the Capitol. Coal Baron in a former region with “black mouths” that has become a staunch defender of Trumpist breeding and bilateral cooperation, immediately firing against his camp to defend the interests of Joe Mans’s fossil fuel sector. For good reason, coal – the most polluting fuel ever used – flows through his veins and into his wallet.

“Where you grow up, by whom, how you were raised, that is what makes you who you are”, Announced by Joe Manzin in June New Yorker*. “If I haven’t changed, it’s because I’m from Farmington.” This small town of a few hundred souls, located in a corner of the Appalachians drilled by coal mines, saw him born in 1947. Manjin’s family had a foot in the mine, a heart in business and a head in politics. After switching to coal, “Papa Joe” splits his time between the activities of his grandfather, the local grocery store and the mayor. The father, John Mancin, is the owner of a furniture store, in charge of Town Hall. One of his uncles was an influential local elected official, and the other, a trade unionist, was one of 78 victims of the 1968 mining disaster that mourned Farmington.

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Joe Manchin embraced local politics in 1982. In 1988, he abandoned the carpet industry to invest in coal, or the remnants of it: waste from abandoned mines, which his company, EnergySystems Inc., processes and sells as fuel to local power. Stations. In the early 2000s, politics prevailed over entrepreneurship. Joe Munch established his son as head of the family business, and four years later became governor of West Virginia and senator in 2010. “I’m very proud of the role the people of West Virginia have played in energizing the nation.” He starts During his first speech above*. “Without Virginia Charcoal, the light would be very low.”

Democrat Senator Joe Mansin chats with minors on March 31, 2017 in Medwin, West Virginia.  & nbsp;  (Phil Pugliano / Getty Images North America / AFP)

West Virginia is no longer its childhood. The state, which had more than 140,000 minors in the 1950s, will have only 13,000 in 2019. It is aging, empty, and changing political pages. Joe Mancin became the last Democrat in the strong Republican stronghold – by 2020, 68.6% of voters voted for Donald Trump. Self-proclaimed “Conservative Democrat”, A fan of Kennedy, he demands a pragmatism guided by the sole interest of his members. “The people of West Virginia sent me here [à Washington] Common sense will help solve our budget problems through bilateral solutions. “, He said briefly in 2012*.

Against raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, restricting the sale of firearms, and increasing aid to unemployed people affected by the Govt-19 epidemic … Joe Manzin will not explode in the opposite camp. . “Technically he’s a Democrat. But really he’s a non-party man.”, Wrote Politician in 2018*, Recalled that in 2017, Mansin was briefly approached to join the Donald Trump administration as Secretary of State for Energy. He presents himself as an ardent defender of compromise and debate.

After being elected referee for Joe Biden’s upper house, the senator uses his skills as a mediator to inject his conservatism into the more progressive “Built Back Better” program. He was newly elected Chairman of the Senate Commission on Energy and Natural Resources, redefining the definitions of this Titanic text. He made more phone calls to both camps and arrived at his home in a luxury yacht parked on the Bodomac River by elected Democrats and Republicans. “The hottest club in Washington is Joe Manzin’s boat.” Observed in August Washington Post*.

On September 29, 2021, protesters marched on the Botomac River in Washington, D.C., in front of a boat carrying Democratic Senator Joe Munch.  & nbsp;  (Alison Bailey / Norphoto / AFP)

In November, his two-party efforts paid off: he received half of the funding for Joe Manz’s law, which went from $ 3.5 trillion to $ 1.7 trillion in 10 years. It threw out the entire project’s clean electricity performance program, which provided financial incentives and fines for electricity operators to phase out fossil fuels in favor of carbon-free energy.

This is not the first time Joe Mans has fired on a law against the fossil fuel industry. Really. In a 2010 campaign clip, Democrats threw live bullets at a law promoted by the Obama administration to combat global warming. “Because it’s not good for West Virginia.”.

The first bill he brings to the Senate seeks to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from revoking surface mining permits. In Washington, he fights for pensions and health insurance for former miners, defending the industry like men and women downgraded. But, his own financial interests.

In 2016, he upheld legislation restricting the management of mining waste, and more precisely, ash – one of the by-products of the operation of his company EnergySystems – has a more rigorous structure. “More jobs will be lost in West Virginia and the country unnecessarily threatening important industries”. If you write the rules with one hand and play with the other hand, is there a conflict of interest? “Absolutely not”The senator responds to reporters who continue to question him on such matters New York Times* In 2011, the Democrats reiterated that his assets had been placed in a blind pension fund as proof of his good faith.

However, if he sends a hand to his son when he becomes governor of West Virginia, he will continue to benefit from the operation of Joe Mans Energy Systems. According to Washington Post*, In 2020 alone, the company paid him a minimum of $ 492,000. Its shares in the company are valued at between one and five million dollars. The blind man, who often works as a joker, says daily that the fund ranges from $ 500,000 to $ 1 million.

According to OpenSecrets* Joe Manzin, who oversees political finance, is also the Democrat senator with the most donations from the coal sector. Keith McCoy, chief campaigner for the oil group Exxon Mobil, said in an interview in July that Unearthed, the intelligence arm of the Greenpeace NGO, was filmed on a hidden camera. “Someone” Particular attention in the Arcana of Power: Joe Mancin. “I talk to his office every week.”, He is proud.

After he refused to support Joe Biden’s infrastructure law, progressives attacked the house, stunned, believing that “bit back Better” and especially its important social component would benefit residents of West Virginia. The Miners’ Union also called on Joe Manzin on Monday, December 20, to reconsider his position. Because of its pro-coal struggle it is causing loss to the people living in this state, to the poorest people in the United States. Although the share of electricity generated by coal increased from 52% in 1990 to 19%, Joe Mansin explains that the rate is 89% in the state. CNN*. Power plants, many of which are dilapidated and unable to meet new environmental standards, require investment, which destroys the competitiveness of the coal and mining waste sold by Energy Systems. Over the years, Americans connected to these types of plants, like West Virginia, have had higher electricity bills.

However, as a senator, he was not always opposed to renewable energies, which created jobs that he knew were invaluable to his state. He did not deny the reality of climate change or the responsibility for human activities. Climate-discount figure, playing Joe Mansin watch. “We are not in a hurry”, Announced in November*. Gregory Wheatstone explains that direct destruction of coal is a problem for him, and he is the regular speaker of Joe Mancin, the leader of a voluntary organization campaigning in favor of renewable energy. “In all our conversations so far, he has not wanted to impose fines on fossil fuels, but his line is that he agrees to put pressure on clean energy.”, He confirmed New York Times*.

Similarly, the senator wants to bet on the emergence of new technologies “Clean Coal”, A hand-held chimney, or carbon capture by Donald Trump, is still a testing process. In this context, Joe Mancin’s policy of releasing the world’s second largest greenhouse gases will leave the entire planet behind in its climate objectives. A butterfly wing flap in Farmington, West Virginia, which contributes to floods, storms and other fires around the world.

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