March 27, 2023

Balkan Travellers

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Without a ticket for their child, an Israeli couple wants to drop her off at the check-in counter to take the flight.

Both parents were stopped by security personnel at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and detained by Israeli police.

Surreal scene at Tel Aviv airport this Tuesday, report from our colleagues The Times of Israel, Broadcast by TF1info. The couple, who were planning to fly to Brussels, Belgium, abandoned their baby and tried to board a Ryanair flight.

Arriving late at Ben Gurion Airport, they planned to take their child with them, but did not buy a ticket for the boy.

“All the staff were in shock”

Instead of finding seats on the next flight, they left the baby at the check-in counter and rushed through the security gate to board. The airport staff immediately stopped them. The couple were ordered to pick up their child before being arrested by police.

“All the staff were in shock. We’ve never seen anything like this. We couldn’t believe our eyes”, assured Ryanair in a press release picked up by the local press. Represents TF1info.

The police have taken up the case and explain that “it is not known whether the couple and the child went on the flight.” The Times of Israel.

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