May 28, 2024

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Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is being re-energized

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is being re-energized

Resumption of Ballots by Nord Stream: ‘Ball in EU’s Court’, Putin Blames West

Vladimir Putin blamed the G7 and the EU on Wednesday “destroy” The world energy market by wanting to control the price of Russian oil, with Moscow promising to resume supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The Russian President said this while speaking at the Energy Forum held in Moscow “Some western politicians are actually destroying the world market economy” And “A threat to the well-being of millions of people” With this capping scheme. He also said that there was a serious leak in the Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany in September. “International Terrorism”.

“The beneficiaries are clear (…) Because [cet incident] Reinforcing the geopolitical importance of the remaining gas systems, they pass through Polish territory. (…) And Ukraine, and Russia was built at its own expense. But even in America, it can now provide its energy at a higher price.”He estimated.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that a section of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, an undersea pipeline that was never operational because of the attack against Ukraine, was still operational, and assured that Moscow could supply gas in this segment. “Russia ready to resume supplies”he said. “The ball is in the EU’s court and if they want to, they should turn on the tap”He ruled that other gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system would be repaired only if their functionality was guaranteed.

Without giving concrete details, he now proposes to transport most of the Russian gas through the Black Sea. “We can (…) Our main fuel and gas supply routes pass through Turkey, forming the largest gas hub in Turkey. »

Vladimir Putin also said that the current situation is bringing back some Europeans “The Middle Ages”. “Ordinary Europeans are suffering. In a year, their electricity and gas bills have more than tripled. The population, as in the Middle Ages, began to store wood for heat during this winter.He promised.

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