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Archaeologists Unearth Warrior Sarcophagus at Ancient City of Parion, Turkey   
14 July 2010 | A sarcophagus of a warrior was recently discovered during archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Parion, located in Turkey’s north-western province of Canakkale, near Troy.

The sarcophagus was unearthed in the ancient city’s necropolis, Professor Cevat Basaran, head of the excavation team in Parion ancient city in the village of Kemer near the town of Biga, told national media.

According to the archaeologist, the newly found sarcophagus had an inscription of a warrior saying goodbye to his family as he left for a war. The warrior in the inscription, he added, could be Paris who caused the Trojan War.

Parion is among the most important of the dozens of ancient settlements in the region of Troad, in which the city of Troy was the focus. Parion was first found by archaeologists in 2005. Many precious artefacts, including gold crowns and sarcophagi, have been unearthed at the site since, suggesting the city’s importance during the Hellenistic and Roman Age.
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Turkey Wins Expats' Hearts With Excellent Food and Nice Weather

4 March 2014 | Excellent local food and good weather won Turkey the 11th place in the world in expats' hearts - in a ranking, published by HSBC. No other country in South East Europe had made it to this charter. Full Story

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Bright Colours and Four-Day Weddings in Çomakdağ, Turkey

With its stone houses boasting colourful wooden trims, clove-flavoured coffee, festive weddings and the famous Çomakdağ women and their authentic costumes covered in flowers, Çomakdağ is easily the Aegean’s most beautiful spot.
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A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire (2008) | By M. Şűkrű Hanioğlu

Far too often, the narrative of the collapse of an empire becomes a moral drama. Wealth is drained away by decadence, and power undercut by corruption. There are attempts at recovery, reform, re-consolidation; perhaps a war, or a grand alliance, or another gamble which seems mad in hindsight. Private fiefdoms emerge, tribes break away, and hostile external powers chip away at the borders.
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Summer Festivals Bring the Sound of Music to Turkey

As a supplement to its traditional attractions – ancient ruins, Medieval mosques, crowded bazaars and turquoise waters bathed in sunlight, Turkey also offers its summer visitors an array of exciting music events. Catering to different tastes – from classical to rock and from mainstream to alternative, more than 100 music festivals will be taking place all over the country – from Istanbul to Anatolia, providing another reason, if you ever needed one, to head to Turkey this summer. Sometimes, they even make it possible to enjoy ancient ruins and a music concert simultaneously. Full Story