June 16, 2024

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Meta's Twitter competitor, Threads, appeared briefly on Google Play

Meta’s Twitter competitor, Threads, appeared briefly on Google Play

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who routinely searches application code to uncover unreleased features, He tweeted early this morning That Twitter Meta version, Thread, has launched in the Google Play Store. However, this seems to have been a bug, as the app is nowhere to be found now.

Paluzzi included screenshots showing some of the UI elements, including the login screen, which allows users to log in with their Instagram accounts, and another screen with a list of their followed accounts from the photo and video site, so they can choose who they want to follow on topics. Check out screenshots in this gallery:

Not surprisingly, threads look…a lot like Twitter. From the screenshots, a new post will show the character count, with a small paperclip to attach anything Threads will allow you to attach to posts. When viewing posts, there are the familiar icons for like, repost, reply, and share, and user photos are small circles. There are also Twitter-like blue checkmarks on Instagram.

Threads have been in development in the Meta since January under the name “Project 92”. the edge He confirmed the name and got his first real look at the app based on an internal company-wide meeting where Meta’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, said while previewing the threads, “We’ve been hearing from creators and public figures interested in getting the platform running properly,” unlike Twitter.

This leak was the catalyst for the cage match we may or may not see between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Elon Musk. when Cox’s statement Reaching out to Musk, he tweeted that he was “ready for a cage match” if Zuckerberg agreed. Zook did, and now speculation is rife as to whether or not that will actually happen.

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Meta hasn’t announced an official release date for the app, but its appearance on the Google Play Store likely means a release is imminent. We’ve reached out to Meta for comment.